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Wow wow wow... it's been a long time! - 13/04/14 Hello!

Yes, I know I didn't post here for a long long time, and also didn't update Candy Box 2 a lot. I was actually quite busy with my studies and my personal life.

About Candy Box 2 arena, I didn't receive any good quest to include to it, mainly because of the language I choose for Candy Box 2, I think (which is not really widely used...). I still think I will update Candy Box 2 at some point, but I need some time.

Anyway (I love this word, probably because of my own nickname, I guess), a lot of people asked by email about my upcoming projects, so I decided to make a post about it here. No, I won't make a Candy Box 3, because it wouldn't be very surprising, and I want to keep surprising you all ;)

I'm currently thinking about a new video game, but I haven't started working on it yet. It probably won't be a web-based game. I aim to make a game that will focus on the dialogue between the developer and the player. It's still a bit abstract, but that's because I don't already know exactly where I'm heading, which is quite exciting, I must say. Anyway, if you want to stay tuned, I will probably post more informations about it on my twitter page (https://twitter.com/aniwey) at some point. In a few weeks I guess.

On a more personal side, I finished my computing studies two weeks ago and I am now working as an intern with the french startup Manaforge until the end of august. They're making a fun web-based MMORTS game called Talion Wars currently in alpha (made with Flash sadly, but it's still interesting).

With love, and a new project coming up, hoping to surprise you all once again,

Version 1.2 is out! - 27/10/13 Hey!

The first update is out! The Arena (accessible to players who finished the game) is opened, and players can begin to write their own quests. Check the Arena page for instructions!

I made two quests for the Arena. The first one should remind players of the old game, and the second one is a hardcore platformer. Good luck with this one! ;) These quests are very simple, but more interesting ones should hopefully come quickly from the community!

I also created a forum to discuss about the game, make suggestions, report bugs, and discuss the Arena quests.

Finally, two languages were added to the game, Chinese and Dutch, and about 20 other translations are on their way :)

With love, candies, waiting for your lovely quests,

Three days after the release \o/ - 27/10/13 Hey!

Candy Box 2 was released three days ago. Yay! I guess it's time for a new blog post! People from the IRC channel where we're discussing the game have been asking for it :)

From all the feedback I received (almost 600 mails, don't worry if I haven't answered yours yet, it will be done!), people seem to like this one even more than the previous Candy Box. Which is great! This is why I made it.

I'm going back to France tomorrow, now I'm still in the UK where I showed Candy Box 2 at two festivals, Game City and the Mozilla Festival. Meeting players for real was incredible :)

I will start emailing volunteers about the translations soon. I received a lot of translation propositions, so the game should be translated to a lot of languages! Including but not limited to german, brazilian portuguese, spanish, chinese, and even hebrew.

I know some of you would like to start writing quests. The guide explaining how do do that will be uploaded on thursday at the very last! I really think it's going to be interesting ;)

I updated the game a few hours ago, just for bug fixes. No more double keys in the computer. No more wrong shark fin description. Note that because I'm using the HTML5 web cache feature, you need to reload the game *twice* to get the new version ;) Update will soon bring additional quests, I promise!

Well, now I'm going back to answering emails. I love you all, dear players!

With love, candies, and a lot of relief because the game is out and people seem to love it,

Oh god, the release is tomorrow - 23/10/13 Hi everyone!

I arrived in Nottingham (where the GameCity festival happens to be) yesterday in the evening, and I'm showing the game tomorrow in the morning, while at the same time releasing it for everyone on the Internet :)

The game is complete, but the good thing is that the area I talked about in the last blog post will allow me to add new content even after the release. I'm really excited about that!

I really hope you'll all enjoy it. And as usual, if you have any comment or suggestion (or you found a bug!), don't hesitate to contact me at aniwey@gmail.com.


Six days before the release :') - 18/10/13 It's time for a new blog post!

Only six days until the release. In the past few days, I added even more objects to the game, I polished the end-game a little bit, I fought with CSS-related bugs only occurring in Chrome, and I didn't sleep very much!

As you may have seen, I also added a counter on the main page, and I'm preparing for my trip to England where I will launch the game for the Game City festival :)

There is one new thing I haven't talked about already : when you will finish Candy Box 2, you will have access to a special area featuring quests written by the players! Anyone with some programming knowledge will be able to write a quest, and if it is original enough I will add it to the game so that everyone can play to it. And if you don't know how to code, maybe you could team up with a programmer?

I think this can be very interesting, and I hope it will lead to great challenges for the hardcore gamers out there :)

I'm leaving you with this Octopus King! Yes, you will be able to wear its crown :-)
             |\/\_/\/|         :  :
 /\          | . : . |         |  |
//\\      _.-'¯¯¯¯¯¯¯'-._      |  |
\\//    /¯               ¯\    |  |
 XX    /     ._     _.     \   |  |
 ||   |     /-_'   '_-\     |  |  |
 ||   |     \_/     \_/     |  |  |
 ||   |                     |  |/\|
 ||    \      WWWWWWW      /   ||||
 ||     \                 /  ()=TT=()
(¯¯¯\    |       _       |    /¯¯¯)
 TT\ \  / / / / / \ \ \ \ \  / /TT
 || \ \/ / / / /   \ \ \ \ \/ / ||
 ||  \__/ / / (     ) \ \ \__/ (oo)
 ||     ( ( ( (     ) ) ) )
 ||     ( ( ( (     ) ) ) )
 ||     ( ( ( (     ) ) ) )
 ||     (o(o(o(     )o)o)o)

With love, candies, trolls, a lot of cool items, a monkey wizard, a lot of pressure due to the release date coming quickly, and, well, even more candies,

Ten days before the release \o/ - 14/10/13 Hey!

I know it's been a long time since the last blog post, I'm sorry about that!

The game will be released in 10 days. It is almost done, but I'm still working hard on it to make it as best as possible for the release :)

I should add a counter on the main page soon (tonight or tomorrow). I'll try to update the blog more regularly until the 24th.

I told you in the last blog post that I was going to Game City to release and show the game. But there's more! I'm also going to the MozFest festival, which happens to be held in London right after the Game City festival. So if you want to meet me there, you can :)

I promise I will make another blog post soon ;)

In the meantime, here's a cute shark waiting for you to slay him!
            /  \                       __..--._
        ___/    `._               _.-´¯ _.-´¯¯
 _..--´'¯            ¯`---..___.-´¯    _-´
(     O   )))                          (_
 `vvvvv      \     /      _.------._     ¯`-._
   `----------\   /----´¯¯          ¯`------´¯
               \ /

With love, candies, trolls, a lot of cool items, a monkey wizard, and a lot of pressure due to the release date coming quickly,

PS : a special thanks to the great people working on the wiki and trying to speculate on content before the release :-)

Candy Box 2 release date! - 20/09/13 Hey!

I'm finally ready to announce the exact date of the game's release : October the 24th! :)

And there's a very cool reason for that. A little while after the first game was released, organisers of the Game City videogame festival, which happens to be held every year in Nottingham (England), in october, invited me to the festival! Since the dates corresponded to what I was planning for the game's release, I decided to release Candy Box 2 for the festival. I'm both nervous and very excited to show my game in front of the players!

This festival really seems to be great. It's a lot about making games accessible to everyone, and I love this spirit. You can check their website here.

I will be at the festival on the 24th, and maybe a little bit before and/or after, I will specify my exact planning when I'll be able to.

As some of you may know, the reward for finishing the first Candy Box game was a real candy. Sadly I wasn't able to send candies to everyone (I actually received a lot of emails about that), but if you finished the first game and are able to come to the festival, I'd be pleased to reward you! :)

With love, candies, trolls, a lot of cool items, a monkey wizard, and a festival,

PS : Candy Box 2 wiki is up and running, and some people are beginning to add content :)

PPS : A teapot!!
A teapot

Some news - 11/09/13 Hello!

It's been a week since the last blog post, and I've been working hard on the game! I don't have any big subject to tell you about this time, so I'm just going to share interesting things, and request your advices! :)

I added an option allowing you to invert the game colors : instead of displaying black text on a white background, it displays white text on a black background. I received a few mails requesting that feature (some people have a hard time reading text on a white background). Do you think it would also be interesting to add "themes" with different color choices, or would it be useless?

In Candy Box 2, there will be a lot of hidden things and easter eggs, therefore a lot of reasons for players to collaborate and share tips about the game. And a wiki can be useful for that. A wiki was created by a fan for the old game (http://www.candyboxwiki.com/), and I was wondering if I should provide one for Candy Box 2. So here's the question : would you be interested in a wiki to share your experiences?

If you want to contact me for any advice, question, or anything else, here's my email : aniwey@gmail.com.

That's all for the moment! I'm leaving you with a sentence picked from Candy Box 2 which gives you an idea of the kind of surprises there will be in the game : "You stumble upon a naked monkey wizard".

With love, candies, trolls, a lot of cool items, and a monkey wizard,

Inventory system in Candy Box 2 - 04/09/13 Hello everyone, time for a new blog post!

The inventory in the previous game was quite simple. You could get different items providing you special abilities, plus one slot with a weapon. At some point of the game, this weapon could be enchanted, giving you the choice between three enchanted weapons.

This will be quite different in Candy Box 2. You will still be able to collect items giving you special abilities, but there will be more of these items, and a lot of them will be "hidden". This means you won't be able to find every item just by following the main quests, and you'll have to search a lot (and collaborate with other players if you wish to) if you want to find everything :-)

This is for the items. But you will also carry different types of equipment pieces : weapons, body armours... and some other I don't want to spoil! For example, you can carry multiple weapons, but you can only select one to go in quests. This means you may have to choose your weapon wisely, depending on the quest you're doing :)

I tried to make every item and every equipment piece really unique and interesting, I hope you'll like them!

I'm leaving you with one of the numerous weapons there will be in the game, made by the ascii art artists who are helping me... some kind of tribal spear!

The troll on its bridge

With love, candies, trolls, and a lot of cool items,

The local saving system + a troll! - 28/08/13 Hey!

In this second blog post, I'll explain briefly how the local saving system works, before showing you a screenshot from Candy Box 2 that gives you an idea of the kind of ascii art we made for the game :-)

In the previous game, you could only make online saves. This will of course still be possible, but I also introduced a local saving system because some of you wanted to be able to play offline. This system uses HTML5 a lot - which means you'll need a modern browser to use it. The latest versions of either Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox should work well :-)

The system uses two awesome features recently introduced in our browsers : Web storage and the cache manifest. The first one allows me to store your saves directly in your browser's cache without using cookies (which is convenient), and the second one allows your browser to make a local copy of the entire game.

This local copy means that even if you're offline you'll be able to access candybox2.net and play the game as usual! I find this system quite convenient, and I hope you'll like it too!

Now, here's the screenshot of a troll defending its bridge! :-)

The troll on its bridge

There will be plenty of cool ascii arts like this one in Candy Box 2. Notice the health bar above the scene : it looks fancy but it's of course still characters (they just have a green background color).

I'm going back to coding the game now! I'll show your more stuff in the next few days :-)

With love, candies, and trolls,

The very first post - 24/08/13 Hi everyone!

I released the first Candy Box game (candies.aniwey.net) about 3 months ago. At first I wasn't planning on making a sequel but the positive feedback and the number of players encouraged me to do so! I'm working on this sequel since the release of the first game and I created this blog to keep everyone updated about how it's going :)

This sequel will be named Candy Box 2 (quite original, isn't it?) and will feature candies, swords, epic quests, enigmas, secrets, and even lolligators (they are like alligators but their tails are shaped like lollipops). This sequel is a complete rewrite, and it will be a lot bigger than the old game! Here's a list of the new features Candy Box 2 will provide : Also, on the technical side : The sequel will be released around October. It will, just like the previous game, be completely free of charge and won't display any kind of ads. I will however add a donation system, if anyone want to donate something (I received quite a lot of mails about this), though donating won't give you any advantage in-game. The money would be used to cover the server costs and help me to add new features & content to the game after the release.

I will update this blog regularly with news about the upcoming game and answers to the questions I receive by mail (remember : aniwey@gmail.com if you have any question or suggestion!).

With love and candies,

PS : this is a lolligator
'-'  ¨¨¨¨¨¨ \