Best Gaming Chair for Big Guys of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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The best gaming chair for big guys will have plenty of comfortable components for all-day gaming sessions.

It can be challenging to find more oversized chairs with adequate weight capacities for big and tall guys.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the most impressively built models we’ve come across.

Comparison Chart

Dowinx Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support

Furious Racing Style Gaming Chair

OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair

FANTASYLAB Memory Foam Gaming Chair

Qulomvs Big and Tall Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair for Big Guys: A Review

1. Dowinx Gaming Chair

The Dowinx Gaming Chair makes the seamless transition between a high-class office chair and a sophisticated gaming chair.

With plush padding and high-quality materials, it will quickly become one of your most-used pieces of office furniture.


There are a considerable number of benefits and features that this gaming chair has to offer.

Let’s explore some of them.

  • Ergonomic Design

The most important feature that any gaming chair should have, especially for big and tall gamers.

With this chair, there are a significant number of ergonomic components to consider.

You’ll have linkage armrests for maximum adjustability as well as high-quality padding.

Within the backrest, there’s quilted padding for optimal support and comfort.

You’ll love the padded armrests, the padding at the front of the seat, as well as the chair’s sides.

All of the padding is made from six inches of high-density foam for impressive resilience as an added benefit.

  • Lumbar and Neck Cushions

Another critical feature to note when it comes to ergonomic support is the included lumbar and neck cushions.

The lumbar cushion is significantly larger than with other gaming chairs, offering fantastic spinal support.

Also, the neck cushion can be removed and adjusted to find the perfect positioning for your height.

  • Built-In Massager

If you find your back gets sore throughout the day, you’ll love the addition of the built-in massager.

All you have to do is plug the chair into a USB port on your computer to begin the massaging function.

Alternatively, you can use a power bank to eliminate long cords at your workstation.

  • Impressive Adjustability

You’ll want to consider a computer chair that allows you to adjust its tilt to maintain a healthy posture.

The Dowinx Gaming Chair has plenty of adjustable features, including a 90- to 180-degree reclining mechanism.

You’ll also be able to adjust the rocking function of the chair up to 20 degrees.

  • Comfortable Footrest

Having a footrest on your gaming chair is a luxury that many people have yet to experience.

The streamlined design of this footrest makes it easy to take out and store seamlessly under the chair.

When combined with the full reclining feature, you can quickly relax and take pressure off your back.

  • Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of your chair is imperative for big and tall gamers, and this model doesn’t disappoint.

It can hold up to 350 pounds, thanks to its racing caster wheels and alloy frame.

You’ll also love the LANT gas cylinder mechanism, allowing you to quickly raise and lower the chair as needed.


  • Comfortable for tall individuals
  • Firm cushioning
  • Very sturdy footrest
  • High-quality leather


  • The lumbar pillow is bulky
  • Massager lacks power

2. Furious Gaming Chair

The Furious Gaming Chair has a sophisticated style that would look great in a home or professional office.

With a sleek exterior and plenty of supportive cushioning, it’s an excellent choice for big and tall gamers.


Let’s get into some of the most impressive details of this unique gaming chair.

  • High-Curved Back

The general design of this chair is more unique than others because of its high-curved back.

This component makes it a fantastic choice for tall users, especially if you need adequate support along your spine.

With this backrest, you’ll have proper alignment along your back and neck to prevent soreness.

  • Premium Leather

When your new gaming chair is displayed in your office, it will look professional and clean.

The premium leather upholstery is easy to maintain and withstands plenty of wear and tear.

Also, the red accents add a colorful pop without being too over-the-top.

  • Pneumatic Controls

Adjusting your computer chair has never been easier than with pneumatic controls.

This model allows you to raise or lower your seat as well as engage the rocking motion pneumatically.

There’s a convenient handle on the side that also enables you to adjust the recline.

You’ll be able to customize your chair’s tilt between 90 and 160 degrees depending on how you prefer to game.

Also, you’ll find there are plenty of height adjustments you can make as well.

  • High-Density Padding

It can be challenging to find gaming chairs that withstand heavier weights, especially when it comes to padding.

The Furious Gaming Chair is filled with high-density foam, which is specifically designed to maintain its shape.

You won’t begin to notice a reduction in comfort, even after sitting in the chair for hours each day.

  • High Weight Capacity

As with all of the other chairs in this guide, this model also has a higher weight capacity.

The high-quality metal frame efficiently manages up to 350 pounds at a time.

  • Mute PU Wheels

If you want to create a quiet office environment, this chair is one of the top contenders.

It’s built with mute PU wheels, which roll effortlessly and silently across hard floors.

You’ll also find they’re easy to use on carpeted flooring for quick maneuverability.


  • Comfortable lumbar support
  • Large seat cushion
  • Has very nice styling
  • Heavy-duty metal frame


  • May require tightening
  • The chair may lower on its own

3. OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair

It’s easy to see the OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair is classically styled to emulate standard gaming chairs.

With an effortlessly stylish aesthetic, it’s a fantastic piece of furniture that will fit into any office’s decor.

Also, it’s available in several colorways so you can customize the look of your setup.


Let’s explore some of the most exciting features of the OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair.

  • Ergonomic Padding

One of the more unique features of this chair is that it boasts ergonomic padding.

Each foam layer is explicitly placed to ensure your body has adequate cushioning and support.

You’ll find segmented padding along with the backrest as well as in the headrest.

As an added comfort, the armrests are also padded, ensuring you can comfortably use your mouse and keyboard for hours.

  • Adjustable Features

As with most other gaming chairs, you’ll find this model has an assortment of adjustable features.

With these components, you can customize your chair’s settings for the most comfortable experience possible.

You can quickly adjust the height as well as the tilt using the center-tilt control.

The arms can be flipped up if you prefer to have unrestricted movements, and there’s a 360-degree swivel.

Overall, it’s a highly versatile piece of furniture that PC and console gamers will love having available.

  • SofThread Leather

You’ll be glad to know you won’t have to spend time breaking in your new chair with its uniquely designed leather.

SofThread leather is known to be soft and malleable upon arrival, compared to standard genuine leather.

Also, the chair features gray mesh accents, which help add to its breathability.

  • Segmented Seat Padding

A luxurious feature of the OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair is its seat cushioning.

Like the backrest, you’ll find segmented padding specifically designed for all-day comfort.

This cushioning is placed in specific positions to offer optimal support for your body’s most sensitive areas.

  • Adequate Weight Capacity

It’s important to note this gaming chair doesn’t have the highest weight capacity that we’ve seen.

It can handle up to 275 pounds at a time, which is adequate but not as much as we’d like.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Comfortable upon arrival
  • Tilts easily
  • Perfectly placed armrests


  • Lowers itself automatically
  • Cushioning compresses easily

4. FANTASYLAB Big and Tall Gaming Chair

If you’re looking for a gaming chair with the highest weight capacity, this model is the one to consider.

The FANTASYLAB Big and Tall Gaming Chair is specifically designed for more significant gamers and has luxurious features.


There are several key features to delve into that make this chair one of the best options available.

  • Memory Foam Padding

Instead of using generic high-density foam, this chair features memory foam padding.

Memory foam is ideal for retaining an optimal shape while you’re sitting and returns to its original form afterward.

You’ll also find it helps the cushioning to stay firm with good plushness for an extended period.

  • Included Pillows

With this chair, you’ll have the added benefit of a lumbar and neck support cushion for lumbar support.

Both of the cushions are adjustable and removable, depending on preference.

We love the size of the lumbar pillow, as it’s larger than expected and adds plenty of comfort.

It’s important to note the lumbar support cushions are stiff at first but can be broken in.

It’s recommended you sit on the chair using the cushions to allow them to form to your body’s contours.

  • High Backrest

Tall gamers will love the height of this chair, which sets it apart from the competition.

You’ll also find adequate back support in the backrest, as it’s curved for perfect spine positioning.

  • Highly Adjustable

The FANTASYLAB Big and Tall Gaming Chair is one of the most adjustable chairs we’ve seen.

You’ll be able to adjust the height of the chair for how tall you are, as well as the tilt of the backrest.

Users can also customize the amount of pressure on the backrest, and the armrests are 3D.

  • 3D Armrests

With the implementation of 3D armrests, you have three different positions to choose from.

You can opt to tilt them up and down, rotate them outwards, or push them forward or further back.

  • Durably Designed

Another essential feature for big and tall gaming chairs is to ensure they’re constructed using high-quality materials.

This chair has a metal frame with specialized explosion-proof gas cylinders to handle higher weights.

You’ll also fall in love with the smooth-rolling caster wheels, which add even more stability to the structure.

  • Impressive Weight Capacity

Out of all of the gaming chairs we’ve seen this far, this model has the highest weight capacity.

It can handle up to 400 pounds at a time without showing squeaking or wobbling.

Thanks to its impressively designed metal frame, you can guarantee this gaming chair will last many years.

  • Extra-Large Sizing

Every part of the FANTASYLAB Big and Tall Gaming Chair is designed with larger gamers in mind.

You’ll find the seat cushion is extended, as is the backrest for tall gamers.

Even the chair’s width is larger than other gaming chairs for all-day gaming.


  • Effortlessly manages heavier gamers
  • Luxurious adjustment features
  • High-quality materials
  • Comfortable and dense padding


  • Can begin squeaking over time
  • Armrests can’t lock in place

5. Qulomvs Big and Tall Gaming Chair

Gamers looking for a uniquely designed chair with bold and vibrant colors will love the Qulomvs Big and Tall Gaming Chair.

It has plenty of adequate support for heavy and tall gamers and includes massaging functions for comfort.


There’s plenty to appreciate with this uniquely designed chair, as we’ll explore below.

  • PU Leather Exterior

PU leather is one of the better materials to have on office furniture, as it’s easy to keep clean.

Also, you’ll find the material is quite similar to genuine leather without as much maintenance.

Over time, the material will form to your body’s shape, creating a more comfortable gaming experience.

PU leather is also renowned for how it helps to protect the integrity of the chair’s cushioning.

Instead of flattening the padding, the faux leather helps it to maintain its original shape and quality.

It’s important to mention that this material is also waterproof, protecting your chair from spills.

  • Shaped Sponge

This chair’s fill is made with a shaped sponge, designed for all-day comfort and versatility.

Like the exterior material, the cushioning will adapt to the unique contours of your body.

When you’re finished gaming, the cushion will reform itself to its original plushness.

Another benefit of the shaped sponge is that it’s breathable, especially during the summer.

You’ll be able to game for hours without worrying about getting too hot.

  • High-Quality Supports

It’s important to invest in a gaming chair that will withstand much use over the years.

Fortunately, this model has an incredibly thick and heavy-duty metal base made from structurally sound materials.

Also, you’ll find it has more chassis support than other models.

The sturdy design of this model holds up to 400 pounds at a time, ensuring your chair lasts.

You’ll also appreciate the high-quality color-coordinated wheels that pull the entire look together.

The wheels move at 360 degrees, so you can have full maneuverability around your office.

  • Ergonomic Backrest

Ensuring your office furniture helps you to maintain proper posture is of the utmost importance.

With the Qulomvs Big and Tall Gaming Chair, you’ll have plenty of spinal support.

If you’re someone accustomed to back pain and soreness as well as headaches, this chair is a significant upgrade.

You’ll find it has a high backrest with ample support along the spine for tall gamers.

However, shorter people can also enjoy the backrest’s support.

The unique curvature of the chair is anatomically correct to accommodate the shape of any spine.

  • Added Cushions

As an extra convenience, there are two support cushions included with the chair.

These cushions are attached using straps, allowing you to adjust the lumbar support and neck support height.

Alternatively, you can choose to remove the cushions if you prefer to use the chair without them.

  • Massaging Function

The lumbar support cushion has a unique function that all gamers need to try, a massaging feature.

When you plug the chair into a USB port on your computer, the cushion will begin massaging.

Since you can adjust its height, you can take advantage of ample comfort anywhere along your spine.

  • Improved Seat Comfort

Another unique feature of the Qulomvs Big and Tall Gaming Chair is how its seat is designed.

You’ll find it incorporates high-strength rubber bands that improve the material’s elasticity.

This feature ensures the bottom cushion is as comfortable as possible for each gamer.

  • Convenient Adjustments

It’s important to make a note of the adjustable features your gaming chair brings to the table.

With this model, you can adjust the back tilt between 90 and 180 degrees.

There’s also the opportunity to engage the rocking function, which also works between 90 and 180 degrees.

The armrests feature 3D adjustability, allowing you to shift them forward, backward, up, down, left, and right.


  • Perfectly oversized
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable seat cushioning
  • Easily adjustable


  • Gimmicky massaging function
  • Foam padding needs to be broken in

Final Verdict

The FANTASYLAB Big and Tall Gaming Chair is our choice for the best gaming chair for big guys with its sophisticated styling.

Not only will the chair look phenomenal in your office, but it’s also specifically designed for big gamers.

Whether you need extra support, an incredible weight capacity, or an extended backrest, it has plenty to offer.