Best Gaming Chair for PS4 of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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The best gaming chair for PS4 combines everything you'd expect from a high-quality console gaming chair.

There are many different styles to consider, whether you want something low to the floor or adjustable.

In this guide, we'll explore five of the top-rated PS4 gaming chairs suitable for all adventures.

Comparison Chart

TaiShi Folding Racing Seat Gaming Chair

Goplus Massage Gaming Chair

Ace Casual 5130001 Gaming Chair

X Rocker Floor Video Gaming Chair

Nokaxus Large Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair for PS4: A Review

1. TaiShi Universal Cockpit Driving Seat Racing Chair

The Universal Cockpit Driving Seat Racing Chair is a one-of-a-kind chair designed for all types of PS4 games.

You can enjoy a more immersive experience with its innovative design ideal for RPGs, racing games, and more.

You’ll love this chair’s sporty design, setting it apart from the competition to create a unique gaming environment.


There are several unique features the Universal Cockpit Driving Seat Racing Chair offers.

  • Racing-Game Approved

By far, the primary type of game that will benefit from this setup is racing games.

You have a gaming chair with a foldable steering wheel mounting plate and pedal mounting plate in its design.

You'll be able to customize the setup of your chair so it feels like you're driving an authentic vehicle.

  • Versatile Design

You'll be glad to know this setup is designed to be compatible with the most popular steering wheels and pedals.

It's recommended for PlayStation 2, 3, and 4, PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, and Thrustmaster T150RS, T300RS, TX, T500RS, and T3PA

  • Foldable Design

One of the most impressive features of this chair is that it's entirely foldable for easy storage.

You can quickly disconnect the steering wheel and pedal mounts as well as fold the chair.

Considering it's larger than your average gaming chair, it's easy to store.

  • Included Carpeting

At the bottom of the chair, you'll notice an extra layer of padding highly recommended for hard floors.

Without the carpeting, the unit could scratch hardwood and tiles, so it's an essential component.

Alternatively, you can put the racing chair and peripherals on soft cushioning for floor protection.

  • Adjustable Framework

Whether you're short or tall, it's guaranteed you can find the perfect adjustments for your height.

The entire framework of this chair accommodates drivers as tall as seven feet.

  • Vinyl Upholstered Seat

Having a gaming chair that can easily be cleaned is an excellent part of maintaining your investment.

With vinyl, you can quickly wipe it down, and it's also water-resistant, protecting the chair from spills.

You'll also find the material is thicker than expected, emulating the appearance of genuine leather.

  • High Weight Capacity

Along with adjusting the chair for gamers up to seven feet tall, this chair also handles adequate weight.

With the high-quality metal framework, gamers up to 330 pounds can easily sit in their racing chair to experience its comfort.

The entire framework is crafted using carbon steel, which is one of the most resilient materials available.

  • Adjustable Seat

Suppose you prefer specific settings for your gaming.

In that case, you'll be glad to know there are many adjustable features built into this unit.

You can slide the seat forward and backward, as well as adjust the tilt.

When you've finished gaming, you can completely recline the seat to lie back and relax.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong inputs
  • Fantastic compatibility
  • Easily foldable


  • Low-quality material
  • Lacks substantial padding

2. Goplus Massage Gaming Chair

The Goplus Massage Gaming Chair has all of the functions you'd expect in an impressively designed gaming chair.

With multiple adjustable features, LED lighting, and a massaging function, you'll love its many luxuries.

It's one of the best options to customize to match the aesthetic of your setup.


Let's explore some of the most impressive features of the Goplus Massage Gaming Chair.

  • LED Lighting

The most unique feature of this chair is that it allows you to customize its LED lighting for an immersive gaming experience.

There are LED lights integrated into the edge and seat of the gaming chair that can be adjusted with the included remote.

You'll find 16 different color options as well as four flashing modes for customization.

  • Lumbar Massaging

Another advanced technology implemented in the chair is lumbar massaging.

In the lumbar cushion, two motors provide ultimate relaxation throughout the day.

All you have to do is connect the chair to your computer via USB to begin your massage.

  • Adjustable Footrest and Backrest

Adjusting your backrest is one of the most essential features of any gaming chair.

With this model, you can manage the tilt between 90 and 150 degrees for various tasks.

Also, there's a retractable footrest to help give your legs extra support while gaming.

  • Adjustable Armrests

Another adjustable feature in this chair is the armrests, which can be rotated up to 60 degrees outward.

This feature is essential for PS4 gamers, as you can have more freedom while using a controller.

You'll also be able to tilt the armrests up and down to move them completely out of the way.

  • Customizable Height

Depending on where you play, you'll want to be able to adjust the height of the chair.

If you're at a desk, for example, the height you need will be different than if you're gaming on a TV.

Fortunately, this model allows you to adjust the height between 18 and 22 inches.

  • Full Maneuverability

One of our favorite features of the Goplus Massage Gaming Chair is its five universal wheels.

They rotate at 360 degrees, so you can seamlessly glide across your office.

  • Ergonomic Design

The chair's base is designed to be ergonomic, with adequate cushioning placed at the most sensitive areas of your back.

You'll also find the backrest has a unique curvature designed to accommodate adequate posture for all-day comfort.

The removable headrest and waist pillows are two extra features that help make the chair even more comfortable.

  • High-Quality Sponge

When searching for a gaming chair, it's crucial to find one with adequate padding.

This model is filled with a high-quality sponge that helps retain its original shape for longevity.

However, when you're sitting, the foam adapts to your body's contours for tailored support.

  • PU Leather Exterior

Instead of using genuine leather, this chair has PU leather, which is water-resistant and very easy to keep clean.

All you have to do is wipe it with water or a gentle cleaner for regular maintenance.


  • Reclines and pivots easily
  • Perfect seat curvature
  • Impressive LED lighting
  • High-quality massaging pillow


  • Low-quality USB cables
  • Narrow seat cushion

3. Ace Casual 5130001 Gaming Chair

The Ace Casual 5130001 Gaming Chair has an iconic style ideal for console gamers.

If you're someone who prefers to play on a TV, this is one of the more comfortable options for low-profile gaming.

You’ll find it has many of the same features you’d expect from high-quality rocker gaming chairs.


Let's go over some of the most impressive features of the Ace Casual 5130001 Gaming Chair.

  • Integrated Audio

There's nothing better than furniture that takes your gaming to the next level.

If you want to fully immerse yourself in your PS4 game's environment, the integrated audio in this chair is ideal.

You'll find a 2.1 Wireless Audio System installed into the headrest with mounted speakers.

These speakers are designed to pair with your console, giving you a surround sound experience built into your chair.

It's a fantastic alternative to wearing headphones and adds an extra layer to your immersion.

  • Rocking and Reclining

The two most comfortable features of this chair allow you to rock and recline with ease.

You'll love the curvature of the chair, which allows you to find the most comfortable position for your setup.

Also, you can nearly fully recline to relax if you want to take a break in between rounds.

For added back support, we recommend incorporating lumbar support cushions.

These cushions are remarkably comfortable and can also be positioned for customized comfort.

  • Versatile Design

Compared to standard gaming chairs, the Ace Casual 5130001 Gaming Chair is more aesthetically pleasing for living rooms.

You'll also find its style adapts easily to bedrooms, mainly if you have limited space for gaming.

As an added benefit, the chair can fold down for quick and effortless storage to maximize floor space.

  • Ergonomic Design

Maintaining proper posture while gaming is imperative, even with a low-profile gaming chair.

Fortunately, this model incorporates an ergonomic curvature, ideal for your neck and back.

You'll also appreciate the angled headrest that helps keep your spine in an optimal position.

  • Multi-Chair Compatibility

If you and your friends enjoy LAN parties, this chair is ideal.

You'll be able to connect multiple chairs so you can all experience the same experience while gaming.

It will be like you're exploring vast landscapes together as a party with the integrated speakers and subwoofer.

  • Added Mesh

Along with the faux leather material on the exterior, there's some mesh paneling as well.

This material is ideal for breathability, especially in warmer weather.

You'll also find the chair is easy to keep clean, as it can be wiped with a soft cloth.


  • Perfect for rocking
  • Adequate quality speakers
  • Easily folds down
  • Compatible with multiple consoles


  • Limited reclining ability
  • Poor quality instructions

4. X Rocker II SE Gaming Chair

X Rocker is one of the most notable console chair manufacturers with its intuitive designs.

The X Rocker II SE Gaming Chair is a fantastic solution for PS4 gamers searching for comfort and luxury.

Its impressive and sophisticated style makes it easy to fit into casual and professional spaces.


There are several key features this chair offers, allowing you to effortlessly game for hours on end.

  • All-Purpose Design

You'll find this rocker chair is not only ideal for PS4 gaming but for relaxing as well.

Watching movies and television shows will be a more immersive experience, as will reading and studying.

The unique design of the backrest makes this chair comfortable for several activities.

  • Immersive Experience

Like most rocker chairs for PS4, you'll find gaming will be a significantly more immersive experience.

There are two wireless audio speakers built into the backrest, as well as an independent subwoofer.

The subwoofer's placement is ideal for maximizing vibration so you can appreciate the depth of bass tones.

  • Headphone Jack

If you don't want your game or movie audio being shared around the room, you can use the optional headphone jack.

With this input, you'll have the ability to customize the quality of your audio by adjusting the volume and bass.

  • Multi-Chair Connectivity

Like the Ace Casual Rocking Chair, the X Rocker II SE Gaming Chair allows for multi-chair connectivity.

All of your friends can sync your seating to each other to experience the same audio.

However, each chair can optimize its sound settings based on personal preference.

  • Oversized Design

This chair is distinctively oversized to accommodate gamers of every size.

You'll find the seat cushioning is broader and more extended, as is the backrest.

  • Ample Padding

One of the most significant benefits of the chair is how comfortable it is with its integrated padding.

You'll find plenty of luxurious comfort within the seat and backrest, with anatomically correct cushions for support.

There's also an added headrest to help keep your neck aligned while gaming.

  • Adjustable Armrests

One feature that most other rocker chairs don't have is adjustable armrests.

Depending on your gaming preference, you can choose to raise or lower them as needed.

  • Foldable Design

When you're finished gaming, it's easy to put this chair away for storage since it's foldable.

All you have to do is engage the folding lever, and the chair collapses into a more storage-friendly shape.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easily rocks
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Convenient armrests


  • Low-quality stitching
  • Lacks lumbar support

5. Nokaxus Gaming Chair

If you prefer a more flexible chair option for PS4 gaming, the Nokaxus Gaming Chair is a fabulous model to consider.

It has many of the same features as generic gaming chairs but can easily be reclined for console gaming.

We highly recommend this chair if you need a piece of versatile office furniture for everyday use.


Let's delve into some of the most impressive features of the Nokaxus Gaming Chair.

  • Racer Style Seat

One of the most considerable benefits of this chair is that it features a racer-style seat that's comfortable to use for hours.

The chair's sides are purposefully extended to help hold your body in position for optimal posture.

You'll also find the straight backrest helps encourage you to sit up straight.

  • Added Lumbar Cushions

Lumbar cushions are a phenomenal way to enhance the comfort of your gaming chair.

With this model, you'll have access to a neck cushion and a back cushion, both attached via a strap.

Using the strap, you can customize the positioning of the pillows for adequate back and neck support.

  • Built-In Massager

One of the more unique features of the lumbar cushion is that it also features an integrated massager.

When you connect the cushion via USB to your computer, the massaging will begin.

This feature is highly recommended if you're prone to upper or lower back soreness throughout the day.

  • Retractable Footrest

Our favorite feature in this chair for PS4 gaming is its retractable footrest.

When extended, you can recline comfortably while also giving your feet and legs optimal support.

If you'd prefer to sit up straight, the footrest quickly retracts and remains hidden under the seat cushion.

  • PU Leather Exterior

Instead of using traditional genuine leather, this chair features PU leather or faux leather.

This material is known to withstand plenty of wear and tear while also being easy to maintain.

Since it's waterproof, you can quickly wipe spills away without the worry of staining.

Also, PU leather is remarkably soft once the chair has been used regularly.

You'll notice the material will adapt to the unique curvature of your body for a custom fit.

  • Adjustable Features

Like most gaming chairs, you'll be able to adjust the recline of the backrest.

Whether you're sitting upright or lying down, you can customize the positioning between 90 and 180 degrees.

You'll also find a height adjustment with the lifting lever on the bottom right side of the chair.

  • High-Rebound Sponge

Padding is essential for any gaming chair, primarily if you use it regularly.

The fill for this model is a high-rebound sponge, which is quite similar to memory foam.

As you sit in the chair, the foam will adapt to offer the most comfort and support.

  • Ergonomic Armrests

Although armrests aren't necessary for PS4 gaming, they're ideal for adding versatility.

The Nokaxus Gaming Chair allows you to avoid arm cramping and fatigue.

You'll also find they're covered with a thin layer of padding as an extra benefit.


  • Offers plenty of support
  • Very comfortable padding
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Easy to assemble


  • Lackluster massaging function
  • May squeak over time

Our Final Recommendation

The best gaming chair for PS4 is undoubtedly the Goplus Massage Gaming Chair.

It has high-tech features, like LED lighting and massaging, but also offers adequate ergonomic support.

With its clean and sophisticated aesthetic, it would look iconic with any setup.