Best Gaming Chair for Tall Persons of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Many gaming chairs offer a variety of features.

From adjustable headrests to footrests that pop out when needed, every feature seems adjustable.

However, when it comes to being tall, the best gaming chair for tall persons can seem hard to find.

Many chairs don’t have the height needed for your legs to sit comfortably, or the neck support is at the wrong level.

As a tall person, the adjustments that you need for ultimate support and comfort while gaming isn’t easy to find.

That said, there are several options built for tall people to consider.

Comparison Chart

AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair

HEALGEN Reclining Gaming Chair

FANTASYLAB Reclining Gaming Chair

Ficmax Computer Gaming Chair

Vonesse Gaming Chair for Adults

Best Gaming Chair for Tall Persons: A Review

1. AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair

The AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair is a high-end gaming chair built for the tallest bodies.

Does it have the features you want?


AKRacing created the Masters Series Max Gaming Chair to fill a need for wide, flat seated chairs.

This gaming chair, though, offers far more than just that seat for those with larger hips.

  • Extra-Large Design

This chair isn’t just big in the seat; it’s big all-around to accommodate those with taller and larger frames.

The seat is wide and flat so that you can comfortably sit without the sides digging into your thighs.

The backrest is very tall, and this is great for people who are taller than average as it gives better back support.

It also has removable headrests and lumbar support pillows to ensure you can customize your seat as needed.

To give overall support to the AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair, the base of the chair is a wide metal frame.

This frame even has anti-corrosive coatings to help ensure that it will continue to function for a few years.

  • High-Quality Fabric Materials

The high-density foam padding provides great comfort as well as durability; it bounces back without wearing out quickly.

Covering this foam is PU leather on the front and the back.

High-quality PU upholstery like the leather used on this design can be easily cleaned.

The manufacturer guarantees that the leather will last for at least five years, and that’s a great guarantee!

Considering the price, the AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair should be great to use for several years to come.


  • Wide, flat seat
  • Great durability
  • 4D, removable armrests
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Easy to assemble


  • Only for those over 5’10”
  • May not fit under some desks

2. HEALGEN Reclining Gaming Chair

Next up, consider the ultra-affordable HEALGEN Reclining Gaming Chair offers.

This unique find balances price and functionality.


Not everyone big or tall wants to pay a lot extra for their gaming chair, nor can everyone afford to.

HEALGEN managed to make a size-friendly chair for tall people that doesn’t outdo your budget.

  • Size-Friendly Design

Those taller than average will find that the larger seat cushion accommodates their extra leg length.

Additionally, the larger-than-average lumbar pillow extends far enough on the sides to truly support your back.

It’s also a taller pillow, just as the backrest is higher on this chair design.

When combined, all of these features ensure that tall people will comfortably use this chair all day long.

  • Durable Construction

The construction of everything from the seat cushions to the lumbar pillow is high-quality.

It’s easy to see the stitching is well done and should stand up to a lot of use.

Finding good craftsmanship in chairs at this price point isn’t easy, but it’s clear that these chairs were designed to last.

  • Comfortable Leg Rest

Finally, this chair also has a great slide-out leg rest that you can put your feet on when you want to recline and get comfortable.

When taking breaks from a long day at work or just taking a moment in between rounds, you can get comfy.

In fact, some people fall asleep reclined with their feet up on the footrest!

Keep this in mind, so you don’t get caught dozing off during work hours.


  • All-day comfort
  • Nice vibration feature
  • Tools needed for assembly included
  • Easy to clean material
  • Great for tall heights


  • Footrest not ideal for all heights
  • Some casters stick

3. FANTASYLAB High Back Massage Gaming Chair

The FANTASYLAB High Back Massage Gaming Chair is a well-known gaming chair for its unique design, but does it work for tall folks?


FANTASYLAB has become well-known in recent years for their standout furniture pieces: gaming chairs.

Unlike many gaming chairs designed to blend in, these chairs are designed to make a statement.

The large backs that are part of this design make them a great choice for tall people.

  • Great Center of Gravity

As a tall person, it can be hard to find a chair with the right center of gravity to recline fully in it.

With the FANTASYLAB High Back Massage Gaming Chair, it is possible!

With how the high backrest is situated, most people lean back without risk of falling over.

This big chair balances well despite its size, and that can be very refreshing for users.

  • High Seat Height

The height of this chair is perfect for tall folks that are used to chairs putting uncomfortable pressure on their legs.

It sits up high off the ground so that you can sit with your legs in the best position for your posture.

One issue with the height of the chair is that it might not fit under all desks.

However, most tall people already have tall desks to accommodate their size comfortably.

  • Extensive Padding

The thick padding on the FANTASYLAB High Back Massage Gaming Chair is dense memory foam.

Comfortable and thick, this padding rebounds easily when you stand up.

This means that it won’t wear out too quickly, but it still conforms to your body when you sit down.

Additionally, the thick padding covers all of the metal base parts so that you don’t feel them when sitting for a long time.

This is key for big and tall people who often have to deal with this type of discomfort in gaming chairs.


  • High back great for tall frames
  • Comfortable curve for tall backs
  • Thick, durable padding
  • Vibrating lumbar pad


  • Some difficulty rolling
  • Plastic scratches easily

4. Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair

The Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair is an affordable, reclining gaming chair that offers necessary features for tall folks.


Some gaming chairs are perfect for working all day; others are perfect for gaming on the floor.

This chair from Ficmax is perfect for those who want an affordable yet durable chair.

Few chairs in this price range will outlast it, but what other features does the chair offer?

  • Easy Assembly

Big chairs can be hard to assemble. With the included instructions, this chair takes just around 20 minutes to assemble.

This is because the Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair comes partially assembled.

That makes the overall assembly process more straightforward.

All the tools needed are included, too, so you don’t need to worry about running around to find your toolbox.

Simple assembly is a great feature for when you want to get the chair and get gaming, and you get that from this chair.

  • Heavily Cushioned Seat

Some high-backed chairs have less padding because the companies are trying to save money as the chair gets bigger.

That is not the case with the Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair in any way.

The seat of the chair bulges with cushioning that’s very soft and plush when sitting down.

This allows you to sit for a long time without being uncomfortable.

Being a tall person in a chair doesn’t always allow that, so it’s great to see a heavily cushioned seat like this one.


  • Sturdy build quality
  • Comfortable for all-day gaming
  • Strong, durable wheels
  • Soft, high-quality material


  • Head pillow sits too low
  • 2D armrests

5. Vonesse Adult Gaming Chair

Let's wrap up today’s review list with the Vonesse Adult Gaming Chair, a high-back option that will also give you massages.


Vonesse isn’t a well-known brand for gaming equipment, but this chair design is a top-notch option for a tall person.

  • Wide, Tall, and Supportive

These three features are key when you’re a tall person seeking a gaming chair.

Thankfully, Vonesse equipped this chair well in all three departments.

The height of the Vonesse Adult Gaming Chair allows for your shoulders to be comfortably seated in the chair.

The seat’s width is good even if you’re a bit wider than average, and the sides don’t push into your thighs too much.

Finally, there are supportive features like a lumbar pillow, headrest, and well-padded armrests.

Together, all of these features create a comfortable chair even for those worried about their height.

  • USB Massage Feature

The lumbar pillow included with the Vonesse Adult Gaming Chair is a USB lumbar massage pillow.

When plugged into a power source, you can get low-speed vibrations on your lower back.

Even after sitting in a comfortable chair all day, your body can get sore from holding good posture.

The lumbar pillow’s massage features are a great way to relieve some of that built-up stress. Plus, it feels good.


  • Sturdy base
  • Great value
  • Good instructions for assembly
  • Supportive lumbar pillow massager


  • Backrest doesn’t recline; only rocks
  • 2D armrests

Why Don’t Some Gaming Chairs Work for Tall People?

Even if you know that some gaming chairs don’t work for your stature, you might be wondering why that is.

Getting the right gaming chair can help understand what is causing some chairs to be too uncomfortable to use.

Below are some of the most common reasons most chairs don’t work for tall people.

Bigger Seat and Backrest

Depending on if you’re tall or both tall and wide, you will want to check the size of the seat and the height of the backrest on any chairs considered.

Chairs that don’t have enough space in the seat for your rear and hips while sitting squeeze your sides.

Also, chairs without a high backrest don’t provide the right curvature support for your back.

This is because your shoulders go past the chair, so it cannot possibly provide the right support.

Support More Weight

Another important factor is that the chair needs to support more weight.

Taller people weigh more just based on their height, and not all chairs can accommodate that weight.

Any chair you use should not be compromised by you sitting in it, so make sure you consider the weight limit when shopping around.

Every chair on the market will have a weight limit listed somewhere.

Thus, always double-check that before buying. You must also check what the base material is.

Chairs with metal bases provide more long-term stability and durability for big and tall folks.

Not High Enough

Some chairs sit too low to the ground, even when adjusted to their max height, to be comfortable for you.

When sitting in a gaming chair with your feet flat on the ground, your leg should be in a 90-degree angle position.

Otherwise, you’re uncomfortable, and your posture suffers.

Height is definitely something to consider. Ensure the chair can accommodate your leg length and the height of your gaming desk setup for the best results.

Don’t Hold Yourself Back

Are you tired of sitting in chairs that just don’t feel right for your stature?

Don’t waste any more time sitting in chairs that are just going to cause you more pain and discomfort later on.

The best gaming chair for tall persons allows you to sit comfortably with the proper support.

Which chair is that among the top options reviewed today?

The FANTASYLAB High Back Massage Gaming Chair is easily the top option for tall people seeking a wide seat and great-looking chair.

Another option to consider is the AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair, especially if you’re ready to invest in quality.

Your height doesn’t have to be a limiting factor when you are trying to buy the most comfortable chair.

With the great features and details found in chairs like those reviewed today, you can find the perfect chair to keep you comfy all day!