Best Gaming Chair Under $300 of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Gaming chairs are all the rage for home offices. They provide comfort all day long and many great features.

However, finding affordable options that meet your needs can be complex.

Today, find up-close and personal details about the best gaming chair under 300 dollar options.

These chairs from a variety of brands make it possible to upgrade your comfort without breaking the bank.

Even on a budget, you can find a chair that will make give your body the support it needs while sitting all day.

Comparison Chart

RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

AutoFull Racing Style Gaming Chair

Hbada Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Marvel Avengers Massage Gaming Chair

FANTASYLAB High Back Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under 300 Dollars Reviews

1. RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

RESPAWN is a company that has been around since 2017, specializing in gaming furniture.

The RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair is ultra-affordable, but does it have enough features to keep you comfortable all day?


Weighing in at just over 50 pounds, this is a heavyweight, durable chair option.

The RESPAWN 110 is a racing-style gaming chair with many exciting features.

Find out more to see if it will suit you.

  • All-Around Padding

This chair does not lack padding in any crucial area. From your armrests to your back to your seat, there is plush, high-quality padding everywhere.

This means you sink right into a comfortable position when sitting down, and that’s key for a full day of gaming.

  • Comfort Adjusted Features

This chair’s tilt and lift levers work well to adjust the height and recline of your chair quickly and easily.

While the armrests cannot be adjusted, the adjustable lumbar and head pillows provide needed support for essential body parts.

Additionally, the footrest extends from under the chair when you want to recline with your feet up for a relaxed movie viewing.

RESPAWN prioritized comfort with this chair, and that worked out very well.

  • Durable, Quality Materials

Construction matters to gaming chairs nearly as much as comfort.

If your comfortable chair falls apart in just a few months, it’s not as great of a choice as it seems.

Thankfully, this chair’s construction relies on high-quality materials, durable stitching, and good craftsmanship.

Gaming all day takes a toll on chairs, so they need to be durable.

Even after months of use, the chair won’t start falling apart before your eyes.

If you have issues with this gaming chair’s construction, RESPAWN has a limited lifetime warranty to assist with such problems.


  • Great value
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Cushioned armrests
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable lumbar pillow


  • Lumbar pillow needs frequent adjusting
  • Non-adjustable armrests

2. AutoFull Racing Gaming Chair

Being in the industry for years, AutoFull has a team of experienced product developers.

Whether gaming or working from home, the AutoFull Racing Gaming Chair offers high comfort levels at a fraction of the price of comparable chairs.


This gaming chair from AutoFull balances the needs of an office chair with a gaming chair in a way that many chairs don’t.

This makes it a fantastic choice for home offices of gamers, but what else does this chair offer beyond that basic usability?

  • Includes Head Pillow and Lumbar Pillow

Some chairs under the $300 mark do not include the lumbar or head pillows necessary for support.

Thankfully, this chair from AutoFull includes both, and the pillows are high-quality, adjustable features of the chair.

When sitting, you can ensure your head and back are properly supported.

These are the two most important things to adjust throughout the day to make sure the curve of your back remains natural and comfortable.

Any strain in your neck can lead to long-term issues, so you want to be sure you have a chair that promotes good posture.

This chair does just that! It even has thicker seat cushions and back cushions at the base level to ensure that you have enough padded support.

Your entire body is supported when gaming in this chair.

  • Range of Height Adjustment

Have you ever been disappointed by how little a chair can adjust when trying to fix the height for your own use?

That’s not a problem with this design.

The height adjustment on this chair covers over three inches, which is more than many chairs adjust.

This much adjustment helps you get the perfect height for your desk setup, and that’s important for your comfort while gaming or working.

  • Big Range Of Motion

The height adjustment is not the only part of this chair that has a good range of motion.

With a 360° swivel, spinning around to face any direction as needed is not an issue.

The wheels also have this much swivel, so you can roll your chair as needed, too.

There’s no need to feel limited in where you can turn.

For recline, this chair offers 90°to 155° reclining as well as 25° rocking.

It’s easy to get to the position that you want with this much freedom in the angles of the chair.


  • Lots of features for the price
  • High-quality stitching
  • Incredibly durable
  • Straightforward assembly instructions
  • Super stable at all angles


  • Limited padding on armrests
  • Limited headrest adjustability

3. HBADA Gaming Chair Racing Style

Specializing in ergonomic and minimalist chairs, HBADA offers products through their superb technology and experience.

The Racing Style Gaming Chair Racing is another incredibly affordable option and a great introductory gaming chair that doesn’t lack features.


The gaming racing chair from Hbada is a unique option in that it is ultra-affordable but still aims to incorporate a top-tier design.

Find out more about the features it packs into this chair.

  • High Durability

Despite its affordable price, this chair’s PU leather offers excellent durability.

Even if you spill beverages on the chair, they wipe up easily without staining.

This is thanks to the strength and thickness of the PU leather.

Additionally, PU leather doesn’t wear out as quickly as some of its counterparts.

While it will become softer as you use the chair more, the leather won’t give out in just a few months of use.

You can use it for a more extended period.

  • Proper Back Support

Another feature that is key to any gaming chair is proper back support.

This chair’s high backrest gives your shoulders and entire back somewhere to rest.

Natural curvature is hard to achieve when using a low-backed chair, so the high back is precious on this chair.

Additionally, the chair includes a removable headrest and lumbar support.

Both of these line up with the natural curve of your back to ensure you can sit in that position while gaming.

Proper posture is tough to maintain when the chair isn’t built for it.

That’s not the case with this chair, so you can look forward to less discomfort or back pain by sitting properly.

  • Easy to Assemble

Paying someone to assemble your chair just costs more money, and that’s not ideal when on a budget.

Thankfully, that’s not a necessary expense when purchasing this chair.

The easy-to-understand instructions, as well as all necessary tools, are included with the chair itself.

In as little as 15 minutes, the chair can be up and ready to use.

Should you have any questions or missing hardware, Hbada is quick to replace and assist as needed; simply contact their customer service team.


  • Great assembly instructions
  • Nice padding in the seating area
  • Comfortable; easy to relax in
  • High back
  • Reclines completely


  • Lower to the ground than similar chairs
  • Limited breathability

4. Neo Chair Marvel Avengers Massage Gaming Chair

Aptly named, Neo Chair Inc., specializes in providing office and gaming chairs.

The Marvel Avengers Massage Gaming Chair is the perfect gaming chair for fans of the Marvel Universe. Plus, it still performs on the comfort and utility fronts.


When most people see this chair, they might think it’s just a decorative piece because of its branding.

However, this Marvel-themed chair is a true gaming chair with all of the necessary features for a great experience all day long.

  • High-Quality PU Leather

Many gaming chairs have PU leather on them, but not all PU leather is created equally.

The PU leather installed on this chair design is durable, scratch- and stain-resistant PU leather.

Even if you have pets or commonly scratch up your chairs on accident, the PU leather does a great job of standing up to this.

Additionally, it’s super easy to clean. By simply wiping down the chair and letting it dry off, the PU leather looks as fresh and new as when you got it.

This is important when the chair has such a cool design!

  • USB Back Massager

Another fantastic thing about this chair is the USB lumbar massage pillow.

After sitting all day, it’s reasonable for your back to be sore even in the best chair.

By plugging the pillow into a USB power port, the pillow’s dual vibrations soothe your back.

Running this on and off throughout the day can help relieve discomfort for long hours of sitting while working or gaming.

  • High-Density Padding

This chair doesn’t just have padding in many key areas; it also has high-density molded foam as the padding.

This means that the padding forms easily to the body while still having a good rebound.

While it will shape to your body, it won’t wear out or remain imprinted where you are sitting.

This type of high-density foam is key for the longevity of your chair.

This padding is even included on the armrests, which is an area that is often forgotten by companies making low-quality gaming chairs.

Your arms are just as well supported as the rest of your body, and that’s a good thing.


  • Unique, interesting design
  • Useful vibration from lumbar pillow
  • Back reclines at will
  • Good quality materials
  • High-quality craftsmanship


  • Rolling affected by floor type
  • Armrests 2D adjustable

5. FANTASYLAB High Back Massage Gaming Chair

FANTASYLAB is another great company as they offer risk-free purchases through their satisfaction guarantee and 0ne-year warranty.

So, let's wrap up your affordable gaming options with the FANTASYLAB High Back Massage Gaming Chair, a sleek, comfortable pro chair.


There are many gaming chairs on the market, but not all of them look like cool, professional gaming chairs.

If you want something that looks like it could show up on your favorite gamer’s stream without spending too much, this chair is a great option.

  • Sleek Design

This chair is very fashionable; it’s got a high back and large design that shows off what it is.

This charming construction stands out while supporting your body.

Rather than just being another piece of necessary furniture, this chair is a functional statement piece for your home.

Whether you’ll be using it for streaming, in your work meetings, or just while hanging out with friends, people are sure to notice how great it looks.

  • Maximum Comfort

At every angle, comfort is the primary thing that FANTASYLAB focused on when creating this chair.

Tired of chairs that don’t have enough padding in the back, on the armrests, or along the seat? That won't be an issue with this chair.

You won’t believe the comfort that you get from the memory foam padding.

This padding bounces back quickly and immediately supports your body in a comfortable way when you sit down.

Additionally, there are removable headrest and lumbar cushions included, so you can use these to add even more support as needed.

Forget slouching over at your gaming desk. This chair provides everything needed to sit up straight and still be comfortable while gaming.


  • Great design for back support
  • Thick, comfortable foam padding
  • Includes footrest for full recline
  • Good functionality
  • Durable design


  • Instructions somewhat confusing
  • Seat width

How to Sit in Your Gaming Chair

If this is your first time transitioning to a gaming chair, you might find that it seems uncomfortable.

Compared to the standard office chair you were previously sitting in, gaming chairs require you to sit differently.

Learning how to sit in your gaming chair properly is important.

Without knowing how to sit correctly, you won’t get the support and comfort benefits you should see from your chair.

Take a few moments to review these tips to ensure that you are sitting in your new chair the right way when it arrives.

Tip #1: Adjust Your Seat, Back Support, and Armrests

One of the first things that you should do is adjust the gaming chair to suit your body.

You may end up making more adjustments over time, but you want to get comfortable from day one.

The seat, lumbar support pillow, and armrests are all adjustable on most gaming chair models.

Sit down in the chair and see what feels uncomfortable or prevents you from sitting upright.

Your feet should be resting on the ground with your knees at a 90-degree angle for the best support.

In other positions, your back curves, and that can lead to pain or discomfort.

For your lumbar support, make sure the pillow is tilted to fill in the natural curve of your back without pushing you too much.

As for your armrests, your arms should rest on them in a 90-degree angle position to relieve any pressure.

Tip #2: Give the Chair Time

Your chair might be uncomfortable at first because of the material being too stiff.

After about two or three weeks, the materials tend to soften for you to be more comfortable while sitting in the chair.

Don’t give up on your new chair too quickly if your major complaint is how the material feels.

This is likely to change in a short amount of time, so check if that makes a difference or not first.

Tip #3: Learn to Sit Properly

Chances are, you haven’t been sitting in your chairs in the most ergonomically friendly way up until now.

Sit upright in your gaming chair, and relax your shoulders.

You should feel supported while sitting upright without needing to put serious effort into maintaining the position.

Adjust the seat height, armrests, and tilt as needed to create this type of sitting position.

If you still find that you are slouching even after making adjustments, consider if you are slumping because of your desk setup.

Sometimes, monitors that are too high, too low, or too far can cause you to have bad posture.

By taking time to analyze why you are slouching, you can improve how you sit.

This helps you feel more comfortable and more supported while gaming for hours.

Consider Your Comfort

There’s no reason to sacrifice your comfort while on the computer simply because you are on a limited budget.

Even in that case, there are many of the best gaming chair under 300 dollar options to consider.

Among the models shared today, the AutoFull Gaming Chair truly outperforms many similar chairs through its comfort and durability.

Additionally, the RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair is a super affordable option that will last longer than chairs that cost three times as much.

Remember that even when shopping for limited options on a budget, you still want to take the features under careful consideration.

The details examined today will help you choose the chair that will enhance your life the most.

A chair is something that you will use every day; take your time to choose the right one.