Best Gaming Chairs of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Ever wondered if the hype about gaming chairs is probably worth it?

Using an office chair for gaming might leave you uncomfortable, as your back and neck are not in a well-rested position.

Because of this, you begin to slouch to rest your back and neck.

If you do this for a long time, it will become your default posture.

This is the challenge that the best gaming chairs provide a solution to using simple ergonomic science.

Comparison Chart

GTRACING Gaming Chair 

Shuanghu Gaming Chair

RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

GTPLAYER Gaming Chair with Footrest

Polar Aurora Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair Reviews

1. GTRACING Gaming Chair

The GTRACING chair is a black sleek leatherette carbon fiber chair that provides lasting comfort.

It levels up your gaming experience by helping you maintain a balanced sitting posture and reducing associated pain to the minimum.

Product Highlights

The seats of the chair are well-padded, giving lasting comfort to all the right areas.

As a result, it helps prevent unnecessary aches and pains because of sitting for a long time.

The lumbar and the headrest provide extended support for a better experience.

You need not worry about your spine doing all the work.

The lumbar cushion will support your back while the headrest supports your neck.

The GTRACING chair is fully adjustable all around.

It comes with a large angle adjuster that helps recline the chair from an angle of 90 to 170 degrees.

As a result, you can work, relax, and even sleep in the chair without even feeling a bit of discomfort.

You can adjust the height easily thanks to the Class 3 cylinder at the base of the chair.

But that’s not all; the armrests can also be adjusted.

To enhance the experience, the chair cannot only recline but can also rock.

With the 360-rotating roller coasters, you can be sure of moving the chair around without you standing from it.

Above all, this product comprises high-quality materials, such as a durable metal frame, a soft leather covering, and a molded foam.

What We Like

The chair is efficient and comfortable all around, making it suitable for every body shape.

It is also ideal for a weight of up to 300 pounds, which you can rarely find, as most chairs can’t carry up to that weight.

The removable cushioning makes it suitable for any condition, such as working, studying, gaming, and more.

The adjustability of the chair is quite attention-attracting, too.

It can rock back and forth, and you can adjust the height of the seat and the armrests.

You can also enjoy the 360-degree swivel of the chair.

What We Don’t Like

The lumbar cushion is more rigid than what most people are comfortable with.

The height of the chair is also not suitable for everybody.

Although the cushions are removable, the positioning should also be adjustable.

The chair doesn’t have a footrest.

This is not much of a problem, but some prefer one when the chair is well tilted backward to help them relax better.


  • Pretty cheap for a gaming chair
  • Excellent tilt and rock feature
  • Perfect for gamers
  • Fully adjustable


  • Low armrests
  • Not the most comfortable chair for long gaming sessions

2. Shuanghu Gaming Chair

The Shuanghu Gaming Chair comes in a functional and fashionable design, making it a good choice for most gamers.

It is comfortable and convenient for both small and broad body shapes.

Product Highlights

This chair comes with one of the most incredible designs on the market.

Merely seeing it will attract your attention, especially if you are a gamer.

There are various colors available, so you can decide which speaks to you best.

It is comfortable and versatile, too. The headrest supports your neck and keeps your head in a relaxed position.

Additionally, the lumbar support helps you relax your back, while the cushioned armrests keep your hands comfortable and supported.

This gaming chair gives comfort by relieving you of stress and easing tiredness.

The comfort is even more strengthened by the possible adjustments you can make to it.

For example, you can adjust the height to suit your need, as well as recline the backrest anywhere between 90 and 150 degrees.

This adjustment makes it suitable for study, work, play, and even nap.

The base of the chair is very stable, consisting of five casters.

The rollers are so smooth that they make it easy to move the chair around.

In addition, the rollers are made of high-quality materials, making them wear-resistant and quiet.

What We Like

If not anything, the ease of assembling is worth mentioning. You can quickly assemble the parts without any guide.

Still, if you do need a guide, the instruction manual illustrates every step with a detailed diagram.

Alternatively, you can watch the installation video on the manufacturer’s site.

The gas lift is rather impressive, too; you can expect it to last long, even with constant use.

It’s not the type that will pass out in a couple of weeks. It helps adjust and maintain a stable height and lends to the safety of the chair.

What We Don’t Like

Indeed, the design of the chair looks great, but the feel is not half as good as its looks.

The cushioning seems cheap, too, as it is quite thin to ensure maximum comfort.

You might find that the lumbar cushion is also rather soft.

While some might prefer it that way, it might not be comfortable for everybody.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Comfortable
  • Works for gaming and office work
  • Available in different color options


  • Doesn’t come with a footrest
  • Cheap padding and cushioning

3. RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair

The RESPAWN 110 is an elegant and well-built gaming chair that provides luxury and comfort to users.

Let’s look at some of its best features to see if they are what you’re looking for in a gaming chair.

Product Highlights

Whether you use it for intense gaming, long hours of studying, or hectic work days, the chair will serve you with great comfort.

With its contrasting and bold colors, you can’t deny this professional gaming chair’s awesome design and style.

Irrespective of your height, you can find your optimal position by raising or lowering the chair’s height using the gas-controlled adjusting lever.

You can also recline it from 90 to 155 degrees, with infinite locking positions and pivoting of the padded armrests.

One of the distinguishing features of the RSP 110 is the extendable footrest.

The footrest is conveniently fitted to perfectly suit a kid, a short person, or a tall adult.

In addition, this gaming chair is easy to use, holds weight fine, and feels sturdy.

It also comes with a well-padded headrest, armrests, and lumbar support.

The adjustable headrest and lumbar support help you relax and provide you with maximum comfort, regardless of the position you are sitting in.

The armrests also support your arms while gaming, working, or doing other activities.

What We Like

The chair will arrive in secure packaging and is super easy to assemble.

Most chairs might take at least two people to put the parts together and take a strenuous while for one person.

However, this chair would only take about 10 minutes on average for one person to assemble.

Also, the screws are well lettered, which makes the assembling process easier.

The padding is great and doesn’t make the body ache or hurt.

You will also like that the chair can support a weight of up to 275 pounds.

The headrest and lumbar support can both be adjusted to fit any position or height.

Also, we love the fact that the chair can be locked into any reclining position.

What We Don’t Like

The chair arrives with some sort of odor, similar to a chemical smell, which we believe comes from the coating.

To address this, simply wipe it with a leather cleaner.

Unfortunately, you might also find that this chair has zero breathability.

After sitting in the chair for a long while, it can get a bit hot. And on a very hot day, your back and legs can get hot.

Overall, though, the chair is very comfortable and has excellent features.


  • Arrives well packaged
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very comfortable for extended gaming sessions
  • Has several adjustable features


  • Not breathable
  • Stitching is cheaply done

4. GTPLAYER Gaming Chair

The GTPLAYER gaming chair is a comfy and durable chair with an awesome design and great features.

It is suitable not just for gaming but also for office use.

Product Highlights

The GTPLAYER Gaming Chair boasts a well-foamed head and lumbar support that help you relax your spine.

With the footrest, you can attain a good sitting posture by reducing the uneasiness and stress the body would have faced with regular office chairs.

You can adjust the footrest to any position or height.

If you don’t want or need it at the moment, you can easily retract it and rest your legs on the floor.

The chair also comes with a multifunctional ability, as it is well adjustable.

For one, it can recline between 90 and 155 degrees, keeping you comfortable at any position you want.

You can adjust the seat height to your taste with the international standard gas lift.

It can swivel around to 360 degrees while the five-point steel base keeps you stable.

The chair is made of high-quality materials, such as the integrated solid metal frame that ensures stability and sturdiness.

Also, the PU leather covering makes it very comfortable to sit in.

What We Like

Because the parts are labeled, the chair is easy to assemble.

It also comes with an instructional manual, so you wouldn’t need to break a sweat to put the chair together.

The materials are all of high quality, too.

Just from the assembling of the parts, you will see the metals are quite strong and firm, making the chair solid.

The rollers are made of fine plastic and enable the safe and smooth movement of the chair.

Lastly, the padding and the PU leather covering make it suitable for you to rest and relax in the chair.

What We Don’t Like

The massage pillow and backrest cushioning are cheaply made.

Likewise, the lumbar support is thin and not padded enough.

In addition, the massage feature also makes a noise rather than a soothing vibration, making the chair quite uncomfortable to use.


  • Conforms to the shape of the body
  • Looks simple yet stylish
  • Available in various color combinations
  • Hassle-free assembly


  • The cable for the massager is too short

5. Polar Aurora Gaming Chair

If you are after comfort but also appreciate style, you won’t go wrong with this Polar Aurora gaming chair.

Just one look at it, and you will immediately see why it is a good investment for gamers of all skill levels.

Product Highlights

So, what makes this chair stand out from a sea of gaming chairs currently on the market?

Let’s start with its impressive build. The chair’s high-quality metal frame makes it sturdy and stable.

You also don’t have to worry about not having enough support when you lean backward.

The backrest also reclines from 90 to 160 degrees, making it possible to use the chair for different activities, not just gaming.

For example, you can easily find a comfortable position for watching movies, working, studying, and even for taking a nap.

The chair is ergonomically designed with a backrest, headrest, and a lumbar pillow.

Combining these three makes the chair wrap around your body’s every curve.

As a result, it helps relieve your back of pressure and reduce stress and tiredness so that you can focus more on your work or gaming.

Basically, if you need some time to relax, the backrest allows you to recline to a lying position so that you can regain your strength.

Doing a 360-degree swivel in between gaming is also possible thanks to the durable wheels of the rollers.

These wheels rotate freely without producing any noise or squeaking.

For your comfort, this chair is made with a PU leather covering.

It is a wear-resistant and skin-friendly cover that lets you feel the flatness and support of the chair.

We are confident that you will like the Class 3 gas lift on this chair, too.

With this, you can easily adjust the seat’s height to match your needs and ensure your comfort.

What We Like

Polar Aurora does a great job of making sure you receive the item safe and sound.

The packaging is nice and neat and comes with an instruction manual that can guide even a dummy through the assembly process.

There is also a video that illustrates the installation and simplifies it.

To avoid confusion, the parts are lettered to know where each one fits in.

As soon as you sit on it, you will find that the cushioning is quite great and even adds to the chair’s aesthetics.

The cushions are made of racing-specific PU leather that is neither too hard nor too thin but has a comfortable rebound.

The colors are all cool and make the chair aesthetically pleasing and look professional.

It is suitable anywhere you place it—either in a game room, bedroom, office, living room, study room, or home theater.

It will not do less than decorate the space where you place it.

What We Don’t Like

The chair comes with a terrible chemical smell that if you place it in an enclosed room, the odor will fill the whole space.

The chair also seems slightly narrow and would only perfectly fit a slender person, not a big-bodied one.

If you are on the bigger side, this chair can be pretty uncomfortable.


  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Great appearance
  • Arrives with everything you need for assembly, plus extra parts
  • Available in four colorways


  • Wears out quickly for bigger gamers
  • Support not easily reachable

Buyer’s Guide

Because of the many conveniences that this type of chair offers, you will find several brands offering their own versions.

As such, gamers might have a hard time zeroing out the best gaming chair that matches their every need.

If you have the same problem, we’ve got your back.

Here are features to look out for when deciding which gaming chair is best:

1. Headrest, Backrest, and Lumbar Support

One of the reasons you want to opt for a gaming chair is because of its good ergonomics.

This is what makes it different from regular office chairs.

With conventional chairs, your spine holds your body against gravity.

In comparison, a chair with lumbar support, headrest, and backrest does that work for you.

2. Quality

Another thing you should consider is the overall quality the chair, which you’d be able to determine by looking at the materials used.

The best ones often use metal for the frame, ensuring stability and durability.

After all, a chair you will be using for long hours every day should be strong enough to support your weight when reclining.

The upholstery is also important.

Most gaming chairs feature a leather covering, giving you comfort and a soft feel.

Lastly, the wheels of the rollers should be high-quality plastic and shouldn’t make noise or turn stiff during movement.

3. Adjustability

How will you enjoy the chair’s comfort and luxury if you can’t adjust it to your measurements?

This is the reason why you should pick a chair with an adjustable seat height.

You should also be able to recline the backrest so that you can find a position that is most comfortable for you.

A gaming chair that reclines also lets you use it not just for gaming but also for relaxing, working, or napping.

Like most computer chairs, you want something that can swivel to 360 degrees with no problems.

This is easily achievable if you invest in one with a stable base and a reliable set of wheels.

4. Size

The size of the chair matters a lot, as this will help you determine if you have enough space in your room to accommodate it.

Another reason is that it lets you know if the chair’s dimensions fit your needs based on your height, weight, and body shape.

Gaming Chair FAQs

1. Are gaming chairs really worth it?

Yes, investing in a gaming chair means investing in your health.

Gamers usually spend hours after hours in front of their computers.

Sitting for this long can cause pains in different areas of the body.

With a gaming chair, you can be sure that you get support in all the right places.

As a result, you will experience reduced aches and pains so that you can focus on your quests.

2. Are gaming chairs bad for your back?

No. On the contrary, gaming chairs promote proper posture.

Thanks to their ergonomic features, they are a lot better for your back than traditional computer chairs.

3. What gaming chairs do pros use?

Everyone has their taste and preference, so there might not be a generic answer to this.

However, here are some of the top picks:

  •   MAXNOMIC Dominator Gaming Office and Esports Chair
  •   Clutch Chairz Throttle Series Alpha Premium Gaming Chair
  •   Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

4. How long do gaming chairs last?

This would strictly depend on the usage.

For example, you can’t compare the chair of someone gaming for just four hours daily to that of a gamer who sits in a chair for over eight hours.

At the very least, though, a good gaming chair should last for two years.

5. Should I get a gaming chair or office chair?

It depends on what you want to do and how much you are willing to pay.

Most of the time, gaming chairs cost more than regular office chairs.

Although you can get gaming chairs for less than a hundred bucks, you will have to spend much more than that if you are after quality.

If you need an ergonomic chair with maximum comfort, gaming chairs will give you that.

However, if you only need it for few hours of daily work or study, or if you wouldn’t be using it as frequently, you can get an office chair.

Which Gaming Chair Is the Best?

As you must have realized by now, gaming chairs are great, especially if combined with a top gaming desk.

Still, the question stands: Which is the best made-for-gaming chair for you?

The answer will depend on some factors, including your budget, if you are particular about the design, and if it’s comfortable enough for you.

According to our research, the Polar Aurora Gaming Chair is the best gaming chair.

This gaming chair offers support, comfort, and style all in one product.

1. Best By Price

2. Best By Type

3. Best By Console

4. Best By Color