Best L-Shaped Corner Desk for Gaming of 2021 Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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One thing you can never get enough of when you are gaming is space on your desk for everything you need, including controllers, monitors, speakers, and other gaming accessories.

For those with rooms of sufficient size, an ideal solution is an L-shaped desk for gaming.

There are plenty to choose from, so to help you pick the right one we are going to review five of the best L-shaped corner desks for gaming along with their pros and cons, to make your choice as informed as possible.

Comparison Chart

Walker Edison Furniture Company Modern Corner L Shaped Glass Computer Desk 

Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk

TOPSKY L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk 55″ x 55″ with 24″ Deep Workstation Bevel Edge Design (Oak Brown+ Black Leg)

GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk Computer Gaming Desk PC Table,Home Office Writing Workstation 3-Piece,Black

SZXKT L Shaped Desk Home Office Large Desk Panel Computer Desk Sturdy Computer Table Writing Desk Workstation (Walnut)

Best L-Shaped Corner Desk for Gaming Reviews

Walker Edison Soreno L-Shaped Computer Gaming Desk

Our first review looks at an L-shaped desk for gaming that is decidedly modern in appearance, but at the same time offers lots of the practical features that gamers should be looking for in a gaming desk.


If you are looking for an L-shaped corner gaming desk that is going to grace any room in your home, then the Soreno from Walker Edison will be hard to beat.

Its frame is made from powder-coated steel that not only gives it stability and strength, but also provides it with a sleek and modern appearance.

Add to this, the tempered glass desktop panels with beveled edges, then you have a beautiful piece of furniture, as well as a gaming station.

The gaming station you are creating will benefit greatly from the desk's generous desktop dimensions which are 51 inches on each length, and 21 inches deep, so that you have plenty of space for all your gaming equipment.

This top gaming desk also has a PC tower stand and a sliding keyboard tray that frees up even more space for you, especially if you plan to use the desk for tasks other than gaming such as office or study work.

With the amount of desktop space available to you from this L-shaped gaming desk, you have the option to use multiple monitors, stereo speakers, controllers, gaming mouse mats and whatever else you might use when playing your favorite games.

Finally, for those with larger rooms, and who require the maximum amount of desktop space, you can couple two of these desks together to create a massive 'U-shaped' gaming desk.


  • Modern appearance
  • Stable and sturdy construction
  • Large desktop surface area
  • PC unit and keyboard shelf
  • Can be connected to second desk


  • Assembly can be tricky
  • Dust shows easily on black glass

Z-Line Designs Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Gaming Desk

While we are not sure how many gamers buy a desk for its frame design, we are sure those who want their L-shaped gaming desk to be as stylish as is possible will be keen on this one from Z-Line Designs.


Let's start with the stylish frame we mentioned in the intro and highlight the way in which Z-Line designs have made a frame which sets itself apart from the norm.

The frame's main struts are almost art deco in appearance given their large curved shapes. These, along with the rest of the frame design provide a styling which means this gaming desk can grace any home.

The appearance of this gaming desk is further enhanced by the powder coating on the legs and the tempered glass shelving throughout.

As for its practical use as a gaming desk, it has a very generous surface area on the main desktop of 60 inches along both lengths, with the depth being 24 inches.

That means you have a surface area bigger than many other L-shaped corner desks for gaming.

And it gets better, for, in addition to the large desktop surface, there are two additional shelves.

The first is a raised shelf which can be used for your monitor and means the space underneath it can be used for other purposes.

The second shelf is a keyboard shelf that can be slid in and out.


  • Very stylish design
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Tempered glass shelving
  • Additional shelf for monitor
  • Pull-out keyboard shelf


  • Cable management isn't easy
  • Suction cups for glass are flimsy

Topsky L-Shaped Corner Computer Gaming Desk

For those of you that care little for fancy styling, and just want a simple, but practical, L-shaped desk for gaming and possibly office work, then this one from Topsky will certainly interest you.


We’ll say straight away that this L-shaped desk isn't likely to win any awards for style, but that is not what you'd be buying this for.

Instead, if you wish to buy an L-shaped desk that provides plenty of surface area for all your gaming equipment, and that could be used by you or others in your household for office or schoolwork, then it is an ideal choice.

Its frame is made from thick steel which provides a secure base for the desk, and this frame has an epoxy coating to protect it.

The desktop sections are made from sturdy MDF board, with a melamine finish that will ensure that it should remain scratch free.

In terms of the dimensions it is 23.6 inches deep and each length of the corner desk is 55 inches.

This surface area should provide more than enough space for all your gaming items including multiple monitors, gaming console, speakers and controllers.

You also have some choices in terms of the colors of the frame and the desktop, so if you prefer to have a white frame or a walnut colored desktop, then you can.


  • Very simple design
  • Large desktop area
  • Epoxy-coated frame
  • Tough melamine/MDF desktop


  • Corners not beveled enough

GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Computer Gaming Desk

We now take a look at an L-shaped desk for gaming whose black color gives it a very modern look, however, it also has options for those who prefer something that looks more traditional.


We start with the color as mentioned in the intro and the fact that with its normal black color, this L-shaped desk will appeal to gamers who love everything from their chair to their gaming console to be black.

However, not everyone has the same taste so for anyone looking for a gaming desk of this design that more closely matches their other furniture, you have the options of bright walnut, dark walnut and oak.

Regardless of which color you opt for, the construction will be the same, with a strong metal frame providing a sturdy base for the desk, and the desktop is made from durable MDF board.

The frame has adjustable feet so that you can level the corner desk on uneven floor

In terms of the desktop's dimensions, it has a depth of 19.1 inches, and the lengths of the L-shape are 58.1 inches on the long side, and 44.3 inches on the shorter side.

One great thing about the desk's design is that you can reverse these sides to suit the room it is going in to, in order for it to fit.

Regardless of which way round you have each length, the overall desktop space will be plenty for all the gaming equipment you might have.

It can also accommodate other items such as a laptop, smartphone charger station, plus two or three monitors, if that is how you set up your gaming station.


  • Large desktop area
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Adjustable feet
  • Choice of left or right configuration


  • Shows up fingerprints a lot

SZXKT L-Shaped Home Office Computer Gaming Desk

Our final review is of an L-shaped corner desk for gaming that is probably the quirkiest of the five for the reason that it has some features within its design, that differ from the others we have looked at.


The first thing we have to point about this L-shaped desk is that its dimensions are smaller than the others.

Its width is 16.1 inches and it is 53.7 inches on its longest length and 34.8 inches on its shortest length.

There may be some who at first think that these smaller dimensions mean it is less desirable, however, for many it could be its main selling point.

We say that, because there are those who want an L-shaped corner gaming desk, but who have smaller rooms in which to locate it, and thus these smaller dimensions may give them an option for one.

It also comes with a small trolley onto which you can place a PC tower, and thus if it needs to be moved, the job of doing so is going to be much easier than having to lift it. The desktop surface is the tried and tested MDF board.

Construction of the desk sees it with a steel frame which helps keep it stable, and the feet are designed to be anti-scratch, and anti-skid which will appeal to those with wood or laminate flooring.

The manufacturer uses a special type of M-style buckle to join parts of the frame together and these should make it easier to assemble in practical terms, especially as the tools you need are included.


  • Suitable for smaller rooms
  • PC tower trolley
  • Anti-scratch/slip feet
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Special joints for easy assembly


  • Limited surface area


We found all five of the L-shaped corner gaming desks to be excellent products, but as always, only one can be our top choice. In this instance, we have chosen the Walker Edison Soreno L-Shaped Computer Gaming Desk as our best L-shaped desk for gaming.

For us, it provides an ideal combination of surface dimensions, sturdiness, and modern styling that most gamers should be happy to use for their gaming activities.

Its price also offers excellent value for money, which can never be a bad thing.