Best White Gaming Chairs of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Any gaming setup won’t be complete without a gaming chair.

To fully enjoy your gaming experience, your gaming chair must be durable and comfortable—one you’ll be glad to use for extended periods.

That’s why knowing how to choose the best white gaming chair is important.

Among different kinds of gaming chairs, a white one easily complements any gaming setup due to its classy and elegant look.

Let’s look at five incredible white gaming chairs in the market and what they have to offer.

Comparison Chart

Homall High Back Gaming Chair

GTRACING White Gaming Chair

BestOffice Gaming & Office Chair

Dowinx Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support

VERTAGEAR Gaming Chair Racing Seat

Best White Gaming Chair Reviews

1. Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair

The S-Racer Gaming Chair is a budget-friendly pick from the brand Homall.

Complete with a headrest and lumbar support, this chair can guarantee you maximum comfort during use.


The Homall S-Racer boasts numerous features that make it a viable option for your next gaming chair.

Let’s take a look at each one.

  • Ergonomic and Stylish Seat Design

The Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair follows the design of regular racing seats, which follow the human body shape for advanced lateral support and weight distribution.

You can expect this gaming chair to accommodate you well even after hours of use through this feature.

It also ensures you can continue playing without feeling fatigued or uncomfortable.

  • Premium Quality Core Materials

The Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair was also built to last.

This gaming chair features a 1.8 mm thick steel frame, providing you with stable, sturdy support throughout the day.

In addition, the Homall S-Racer makes use of high-density shaping foam that is thick, comfortable, and long-lasting, even with constant use.

The chair is covered with PU leather and a leatherette material more water-resistant than PVC but with the elegance of regular leather.

Homall has engineered a signature PRIME PU leather precisely for your comfort, resulting in a soft, durable, flexible, and waterproof material.

What’s more, the Homall S-Racer is also constructed with an aluminum wheelbase for added stability and strength.

This base uses a special aluminum mix, making the chair’s base resistant to corrosion and rust.

  • Comfortable Build

To provide you with the ultimate gaming experience, the Homall S-Racer also features a headrest and lumbar support to prevent you from getting worn out while sitting.

This gaming chair also comes with soft armrests, designed with a comfortable arc to provide you with better support.

  • Adjustable Seat and Cushions

Like most gaming chairs, the Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair also features an adjustable seat, anywhere from 90 to 180 degrees.

This adjustment feature comes with a lock to ensure you remain in a position that works for you.

You can also alter the lumbar support’s position, so you can find a position that feels comfortable, all while keeping your posture in check.

The seat’s height is also adjustable and comes with a 360-degree swivel.

  • Wide Usage Options

Since the Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair is flexible and functional, you can use it for various purposes.

Apart from being a gaming chair, this seat is comfortable enough for you to rest or take a nap on.

Its adaptable design also makes it a viable office chair, especially in a work-from-home setup.


  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Adjustable and reclinable
  • Stable, versatile, and sturdy build
  • Corrosion- and rust-resistant base
  • Removable headrest and lumbar support


  • Non-adjustable armrests
  • No warranty

2. GTRACING GT-505 Gaming Chair

The GTRACING GT-505 Gaming Chair is perfect for gamers looking for a gaming chair under $150 that can still be a comfortable addition to their gaming setup.

Made with a removable headrest and lumbar cushion, along with a perfectly adjustable armrest and chair, the GT-505 allows you to customize the seat according to what feels best for you.


Here are some features that make the GT-505 stand out:

  • Strong and Durable Framework

The GT-505 boasts a strong metal frame designed to promote a comfortable seated position for you.

In addition, this gaming chair comes with heavy-duty yet smooth-rolling casters for added stability and mobility.

With a maximum capacity of 300 pounds, this gaming chair can certainly last you a long time.

  • Ergonomic Design

This gaming chair is designed like a racing car seat, which aims to mold your body shape for maximum comfort.

This seat also has a thick padded back, ensuring you won’t feel fatigued while using the chair for long periods.

  • Quality Materials

The GTRACING GT-505 Gaming Chair is built with premium materials, only with the user’s satisfaction in mind.

The GT-505 is covered in faux leather; this makes the seat waterproof and easy to clean while maintaining a luxurious build and finish.

The fabric is also breathable and soft to the touch for your added comfort.

This gaming chair also features a headrest and lumbar pillow made from thick, quality padding.

  • Adjustable Seat and Armrests

What’s great about the GT-505 is the addition of adjustable armrests.

Sometimes, you simply need your armrests to be a bit higher or lower.

Unfortunately, most gaming chairs don’t provide the customizability that GT-505 offers in this regard.

This gaming chair features simple controls that allow you to raise or lower your armrest at an angle that works for you.

The seat’s backrest also reclines anywhere from 90 to 170 degrees, giving you freedom in the sitting position you wish to be in.

  • Two-Year Warranty

Lastly, GTRACING GT-505 Gaming Chair also comes with a 30-day refund or return policy, along with two years of warranty.

This guarantees you risk-free use of the chair for your peace of mind.


  • Durable frame and design
  • Comfortable and of premium quality
  • Versatile and adjustable
  • Easily reclined
  • Removable headrest and lumbar cushion
  • Risk-free use for two years


  • No lock for seat recliner
  • Not rust- and corrosion-resistant

3. BestOffice Gaming Chair

Are you looking for a simple, no-nonsense gaming chair without unnecessary accessories?

The BestOffice Gaming Chair might be the one for you.

This gaming chair may be simple in design, but it certainly doesn’t lack in comfort and usability.


The BestOffice Gaming Chair has multiple features that make it a great addition to your gaming setup.

Let’s talk about each one.

  • Easy Installation

Although the BestOffice Gaming Chair doesn’t come assembled, you don’t have to worry.

This gaming chair comes with all parts and tools necessary, along with easy-to-follow instructions.

You can definitely assemble this by yourself in 20 minutes or less.

  • Built for Comfort

This gaming chair features extra thick cushions to keep you comfortable.

The chair’s design also helps you relax your neck and keep your posture in check.

Aside from this, the chair’s armrests come padded, so you can relax your arms while using your computer for extended periods.

  • Practical, User-Friendly Design

The BestOffice Gaming Chair was designed to be wider than your average computer chair, allowing you more space to move around.

The chair’s back design is also made to help you sit upright without feeling awkward or uncomfortable.

Its slightly protruding back also provides you lumbar support to remove tension from your spine.

  • High-Quality Build and Materials

The BestOffice Gaming Chair is made from premium materials, ensuring it remains steady and built to last a long time.

The chair is covered in PU leather, making it stain- and water-resistant.

It also has a breathable mesh to keep you comfortable even after hours of sitting down.

With its heavy-duty metal base, this chair can also hold a maximum load of 250 pounds.

  • Reclining Seat With 360-Degree Swivel

Another great thing about the BestOffice Gaming Chair is its adjustability.

This chair can be reclined slightly and comes with a lock so you can keep it at an angle that feels comfortable for you.

Adjusting the chair’s height isn’t a problem at all either.

It comes with a class-3 SGS gas lift, enabling you to move up and down to a height that works for you.

This gaming chair also has a 360-degree swivel for your convenience.

  • 90-Day Warranty

This gaming chair comes with a 90-day warranty, allowing you to enjoy it without any worries.


  • Comfortable design with breathable fabric
  • Can lock when reclined
  • Stable and built to last
  • Easily assembled
  • Comes with a 90-day warranty


  • No headrest
  • Non-adjustable lumbar support
  • Very limited angles for tilting
  • Non-adjustable armrests

4. DOWINX LS-6689 Gaming Chair

The DOWINX LS-6689 Gaming Chair was built with your absolute relaxation in mind.

Featuring extra-thick cushions, a massager, and a retractable footrest, this gaming chair can surely keep you cozy even after hours of playing and working.


Let’s take a look at the impressive features that the DOWINX LS-6689 has to offer.

  • Ergonomic Design

Like most gaming chairs, the DOWINX LS-6689 is designed after a race car seat, so it conforms to your body shape to keep you comfortable while playing.

It also comes with padded armrests, as well as a removable headrest and lumbar cushion.

  • Built-in Massager

A special addition to the DOWINX LS-6689 is a built-in massager.

The chair’s lumbar cushion can actually be powered and connected via USB to turn into a massaging pillow.

It helps alleviate waist fatigue and promote relaxation since you spend extra hours playing.

  • Retractable Footrest

For your added comfort, the DOWINX LS-6689 also comes with a retractable footrest, giving you a way to rest your legs and knees after a long time of sitting down.

This function pairs perfectly well with the chair’s reclinable design, allowing you to stretch and lie back comfortably.

  • Reclining Seat with Lock

This gaming chair reclines anywhere from 90 to 180 degrees.

What’s better is that it also comes with a lock, so you can stay at the angle that works best for you.

If you fancy taking a quick nap, you can easily adjust the chair to a comfortable position to relieve the strain and tension on your muscles.

The DOWINX LS-6689 Gaming Chair doesn’t stop with a reclining seat, though.

It also allows for controllable rocking up to 20 degrees.

You can adjust the seat’s as well; plus, it also comes with a 360-degree swivel for your convenience.

  • Premium Materials

The DOWINX LS-6689 uses a strong alloy metal frame to promote a correct and comfortable sitting position.

Thanks to this heavy-duty frame, this gaming chair can support a load of up to 350 pounds.

It’s also covered in hand-sewn Dowinx Prime Retro Leather, engineered to be more durable yet more luxurious than regular PU leather.

This trademark carbon fiber leather is abrasion-resistant, ensuring the gaming chair can stand wear and tear but still feel soft and plush on the skin.

The chair also utilizes a five-inch, high-density foam, which conforms to your body shape to provide you with both comfort and incredible support.

You can also expect a smooth experience while adjusting your seat’s height, thanks to the commercial class-3 gas lift it’s built with.

  • Warranty and Parts Replacement

DOWINX offers one-month replacement services for the chair’s parts, as well as a one-year warranty.


  • Durable and comfortable design
  • Offers great lumbar support
  • Reclines and locks easily
  • Footrest for added relaxation
  • Can rock up to 20 degrees


  • Non-adjustable armrests

5. VERTAGEAR SL2000 Gaming Chair

If your primary consideration in a gaming chair is its adjustability, the VERTAGEAR SL2000 Gaming Chair might be the one for you.

This gaming chair offers customizability like no other to provide you with the utmost comfort and satisfaction.

Choose the best seat recline, armrest angle, and seat height for the perfect gaming experience for you.


Here are the key characteristics that seat the VERTAGEAR SL2000 apart from its competitors:

  • Effortless Assembly

VERTAGEAR has designed this gaming chair to easily “slide-in” when assembled for an easy, hassle-free installation process.

All you need to do is to slide the backrest into the seat, and you’re done in a few minutes.

  • High-Quality Materials

One of the best things about this gaming chair is its premium build.

The VERTAGEAR SL2000 is made from ultra-premium high resiliency foam, which boasts a density 62% better than the industry standard.

This trait makes it almost comparable to memory foam.

It can also prevent deformities even after years of constant use, guaranteeing the chairs sturdiness and comfort for a long time.

Additionally, this foam is covered by a hybrid of PVC and PU faux leather, making this seat both durable and waterproof yet soft and plush when touched.

In terms of structure, the VERTAGEAR SL2000 also isn’t lacking.

It’s made from a steel skeleton that ensures long-term durability.

It also has an aluminum alloy five-star base, which further adds to its stability and longevity.

Thanks to this heavy-duty base, this gaming chair can support a load of up to 240 pounds.

The base also features Penta RS1 casters coated with polyurethane, enabling it to glide smoothly on any surface.

Lastly, a class-4 gas lift supports the SL2000, ensuring that you can adjust the seat’s height without any issues.

  • Built for Comfort

Thanks to its quality build, the VERTAGEAR SL2000 delivers ultimate satisfaction to its users.

The thick, ultra-premium high resiliency foam ensures you remain comfortable even after hours of sitting down.

This gaming chair also comes with neck and lumbar support to give you extra padding as you sit down while also helping you maintain a proper posture.

Lastly, the chair’s armrests are cushioned and designed to contour to your arm’s shape, so you won’t feel fatigued while playing.

  • Adjustable Seat and Armrests

To add to your comfort, the SL2000 also has an adjustable seat and armrests.

You can lean the backrest backward up to 140 degrees so that you can change up your sitting position in the course of your playtime.

You can also alter the seat height to find the optimal level relative to your current gaming set-up.

What’s more, VERTAGEAR SL2000 Gaming Chair allows you to adjust your armrest in two directions.

That way, you can find a position that won’t strain your forearm or shoulders.

  • Comprehensive Warranty

VERTAGEAR offers an impressive warranty policy for the SL2000.

A 10-year warranty covers the chair’s metal structure frame.

The remaining parts of the chair seat mechanism, armrest, wheels, headrest or lumbar support, five-star base, and gas lift have a warranty of two years.


  • Well-constructed
  • Reclines and locks
  • Customizable and adjustable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Offers a comprehensive warranty policy


  • Poor customer service
  • Lacks footrest and other accessories
  • Maximum supported load is quite low

Final Recommendation

While the items we reviewed above are all worthy of being called the best white gaming chair, there’s one that stands out from all the competition.

That is none other than the DOWINX LS-6689 Gaming Chair.

This chair offers ultimate comfort while still remaining functional, versatile, and ergonomic.

With the comfort it provides, you definitely won’t feel fatigued or worn out even after hours of playing.