Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair Review

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Quick Overview





  • Comfortable to sit on for hours
  • Does not break the bank
  • Made to last for years
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • Finished with style


  • Designed for smaller gamers
  • Unpadded armrests

As an avid gamer, your setup won’t be complete without the right chair for the occasion.

This Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair review will show you just how this gaming chair can level up your experience.

Designed to provide ample support, you’ll find it useful for all-day gaming, keeping you comfortable from start to finish.

What’s more, with its racing-inspired design and exceptional durability, you can rest assured you’re investing your money in a good buy.

Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair Review

This unique gaming chair combines the advantages of a steel frame with dense foam cushioning.

As a result, you get a gaming chair that will give you comfort, durability, and support for years to come.

Basically, it has all that you could ever want in a gaming chair.

You will find many reasons why the Corsair T1 is the go-to gaming chair of professional gamers.

Measuring 20.5 x 22 x 37.4 inches and weighing 53 pounds, finding a place for it in your room is easy.

Additionally, you can just as easily roll it around and move it from one room to the next.

Who Is This Gaming Chair For?

The Corsair T1 is perfect for serious gamers and office workers who spend lots of hours sitting in front of their computers.

From quality and strength to comfort and durability, you can expect this chair to meet your every need.

Anyone whose work requires sitting at a desk for long hours will find this a delight.

You will also appreciate that it is affordable, flexible, and adjustable.

When your home office or workspace needs a furniture upgrade, this chair is a wise addition.

And with up to four colors to choose from, you can never go wrong.

What’s Included?

The chair will arrive disassembled, so you will have to assemble it first.

Not to worry, though, even if you haven’t done anything similar before.

This gaming chair comes with easy-to-follow instructions so that you can set it up in mere minutes.

Overview of the Features

How do you know if a gaming chair is worth it? You look at its features.

In this section, we will list the best selling points of the Corsair T1 to help you decide if this model matches your needs.

This gaming chair has all the features you can expect from a premium-quality chair that is made to last.

  • Steel Skeleton Construction

This gaming chair has an embedded steel skeleton that you will find at the base and back of the chair.

As such, you can expect it to serve you for many years without fail.

The steel frame of this gaming chair also ensures exceptional sturdiness and keeps you stable at all times.

  • PU Leather Cover

The chair is clad in polyurethane (PU) leather with custom color panels and automotive detail stitching.

It is made available in various colors, including black, white, red, blue, and white, to match your style.

The PU leather makes the chair look attractive while keeping it luxurious throughout its life.

  • Rollerblade-Style Wheels

The chair boasts rollerblade-style PU caster wheels so that you can move it around with ease.

Compared to other wheel types you often see on cheap gaming chairs, these are easy on your floor.

Without affecting its functionality, you’ll be glad to know that these wheels won’t scratch your floors.

  • Five-Star Base

This chair sits on a five-star base that gives it the highest level of stability.

It keeps you steady and balanced even in the most awkward position, making it one of the best gaming chairs you can find.

It will easily cushion even the most sudden movement that comes with being engrossed in your game.

  • Adjustable Height

With this gaming chair, you can comfortably choose your preferred seat height.

You get to adjust it effortlessly up to 85 mm and keep it there securely thanks to the steel-construction Class 4 gas lift.

  • Reclining Backrest

Aside from the adjustable seat height, this chair’s reclining backseat offers you all-day comfort.

This is the right chair to use when you need to relax for a moment when in between games.

The 180-degree reclining backseat makes it easy to lay back and relax.

You also get to maintain good posture, regardless of the number of hours you spend playing games.

This is because, with this chair, you get all the support and stability you need all day long.

  • Comfortable Tilt Function

The chair also provides the perfect tilt function with its tilt lock.

The ability to make the chair tilt or fixed based on your preference while also customizing the overall angle makes it a good go-to chair.

  • Neck and Lumbar Support

The chair also affords you support just where you need it.

Its neck and lumbar pillows are wrapped in microfiber fabric to give you comfort at every sweet spot.

Basically, with this chair, you get the right amount of support where you need it most.

  • Unique 4D Armrests

You can move and adjust the armrest in all the directions that you prefer.

Do you want to raise or lower the height, slide right or left, forwards or backward? The armrests let you do that and more.

You also get to swivel to your desired location.

The chair’s 4D armrests help prevent muscular tension and pain and give your arm the needed support while gaming.

How To Get the Most Out Of This Gaming Chair

When shopping for a gaming chair, getting it right the first time may seem impossible.

The key is making sure each feature meets your gaming needs and preferences.

To get the most use out of this Corsair T1 gaming chair, you’ll want to spend quality time sitting on it.

There are multiple benefits that come from doing this.

First, you’ll find that the more time you spend sitting in this chair, the faster you can expect it to conform to your shape.

The chair’s foam can take some bit of time before it gets broken or soft so that you can enjoy it.

The reason for this is because it is packed in thick PU premium leather.

Moving on, finding the right levels and controls for your chair is dependent on a few factors, including your height and posture while gaming.

Hence, it would help if you take the time to get the best control angle.

This will ensure that you don’t suffer from any kind of body pain while gaming.


After reading our Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair review, should you find that the chair is not right for you, do not worry.

As an alternative, you can check out the KCREAM gaming chair.

It is larger than the Corsair T1 and provides impressive support and comfort.

The S-shaped curved backrest makes this chair a suitable choice for all kinds of gamers—beginner or not.

You will also like that it is made from smooth bonded leather with added seat cushion.

Its lumbar and headrest pillows provide the right comfort and support.


Thanks to their popularity, you will be lucky to find the right gaming chair for you on your first try.

What’s more, not all gaming chairs live up to the hype.

For this reason, it would be best if you look at a couple of models before deciding on one.

That said, what we can confidently say is that this chair is worth every penny.

It is made using only the finest materials, all while putting your comfort and support needs as the top priorities.