Gaming Desk Setup Ideas: Helpful Tips

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Like gaming? If you do, then you are one of more than two billion people who fall on the list of virtual gamers.

The most prominent aspect that separates gamers is their gaming habits—what games you like to play, what accessories you want, your body posture, and what-not.

While pros have a more complicated setup specifically for gaming, plenty of others prefer beds and couches with the gaming accessories scattered around them.

However, spending hours after hours gaming means you shouldn’t underestimate the comfort and enjoyment that a good, ergonomic setup offers.

For that, you want the best gaming desk setup ideas.

Benefits of a Good Gaming Setup

How you set up your gaming center is a very personal thing.

From your gaming rig to the accessories you choose to add, you must be very careful when investing in this stuff.

Here are the joys you'd get from a highly-customized gaming setup:


Comfort is a primary concern if you sit in front of a screen for hours.

Obviously, the first thing you need for maximum comfort is the right chair.

Considering that up to 80% of computer users get lower back pain, a good gaming chair can significantly reduce those numbers.

Paired with a comfortable chair, a spacious desk is the key to any gaming setup.

It ensures the perfect body posture when gaming that doesn't put stress on your neck and backbone.

Health Benefits You Wouldn’t Imagine

According to Dr. Kareen Reed, Ph.D., playing video games render hidden benefits, including these:

  • Helps dyslexia patients
  • Improves vision, especially of the people with lazy eyes
  • Develops interest in physical activities
  • Makes gamers more creative

With a good gaming setup in place, you can consume hours reaping these benefits.

Performance Improvement

A good gaming desk setup keeps you focused on the task at hand.

In return, it will help improve your reaction time in demanding games.

What Things Do You Need for a Gaming Setup?

First and foremost, keep in mind the ergonomics for comfort, as you’ll probably be spending hours on gaming.

These are the accessories you’re going to need for a perfect gaming setup:

  • A comfortable desk (your playground)
  • A comfortable gaming chair (obviously!)
  • The right gaming computer
  • An ideal gaming headset
  • A professional microphone and webcam
  • An LED gaming monitor
  • A good game controller
  • A stable Internet connection
  • A good gaming keyboard and mouse
  • A headset holder or stand
  • Large mousepad
  • Good lighting
  • LED strips
  • Cable management sleeve
  • Mouse wire holder

These elements don't always have to be expensive or complicated; they just have to work best for you.

However, considering the fact that your gaming setup will be your primary home (inside your home), identify and choose your options wisely.

Gaming Desk Setup Ideas: Some Ideas

It’s not easy to tell what an ideal gaming desk setup looks like because it varies from one gamer to the next.

Obviously, though, it should be functional, comfortable, and distinctly yours.

Here are a few gaming setup ideas to turn your space into one:

Lighting Box

A dimly lit gaming setup is not only appealing but also less-disturbing, making it all the more immersive.

Install the light in various parts of the room. It would be a great idea to install one above the gaming desk.

Bear in mind never to place a light on the wall opposite the desktop, as this would create a glare on your monitor.

Electricity Installation

Setting up a gaming desk will mean a lot of wires and gadgets on the desk.

To keep things tidy and neat, set all the cables under the sheet, behind the desk, or use an extension cable to reach the power socket.

Gaming TV Stand

A TV stand will be a great addition to your gaming desk. This is what pros prefer, mostly.

Another option is a dual stand to hold both your laptop and TV if you use a computer to stream videos.

What’s more, if you have a blank space on the wall, mount the TV on the wall.

The Desk

A durable desk is definitely a must-have. Make sure it can bear the weight of all the stuff of the setup.

In that case, get a wide desk as your monitors may take up some space.

You can save your desk space using a multiple monitor mount or think about mounting your TV or monitor onto the wall.

Multiple Monitor Setups

Installing multiple monitors will be a great gaming desk idea, adding to the screen real estate.

It is a perfect work-and-play combination if you are also a developer/editor cum gaming enthusiast.

Know Your Space

Your space will define the scope and size of your set up. However, you may maximize your area by doing a few things.

For instance, you may get an L-shaped desk. It is ideal for a corner space to maximize the capacity of your gaming area.

Consider how much room the desktop requires, too.

If you cannot get an L-shaped desk, elevate your monitor to get more desk space.

gaming desk setup ideas

Choosing a Gaming Desk

Perhaps one of the biggest decisions when it comes to setting up a gaming center is choosing the desk to put everything on.

The following are some factors to consider when buying a gaming desk:


First and foremost, the desk must deliver ergonomics, which means it’s capable of matching your needs.

For instance, you have to ensure that the gaming desk's height complements your seating position.


Secondly, the gaming desk should be sturdy and well structured.

It must be stable and strong enough to carry substantial weight.

Gaming equipment may take much weight.

So, make sure that the structure is made from durable materials that are guaranteed to last.


Thirdly, check that the desk is either assembled correctly or simple to build.


Desks are designed from different types of material. So, determine the quality of materials used before getting one.

Your desk should be durable and robust enough to accommodate heavyweight accessories in the long term.

This also means the materials must be strong enough to withstand chips and scratches.


Of course, the style of a gaming desk is an important factor to consider.

Remember, it’s a one-time investment.

Buy a visually appealing desk that complements your sense of style.


Lastly, your budget; you may not afford to be extravagant, but think about it.

With a wide variety of gaming desks offering different features, you have to ensure that the desk you get is worth buying.

Set a budget range keeping in view your essential requirements.

Other Considerations

There are many features you need to focus on when buying a gaming desk.

However, we recommend you to especially consider the ones below:

Surface Area

The surface area of a gaming desk is very important since everything is going to be on it.

Always consider the dimensions so that everything fits nicely.

Size and Shape

Here, your choice will either come down to an L-shaped desk or a more traditional desk.

The amount of space will tell you what size and shape to look for.


Take into consideration any add-ons you want to have on your desk.

You might not require all the bells and whistles, but consider the necessary stuff you might need on your desk.


Not every gaming desk has storage, and everyone might not need it.

However, if you want easy access to the important stuff, additional storage is a good idea.

Other Dimensions

You might require to look into all the other dimensions, too.

Is your desk wide enough to place your keyboard in front of the monitor?

Is there enough space under the desk to fit your chair?

What Should I Put on My Gaming Desk?

As mentioned, what you put on your gaming desk would depend on your personal preferences and needs.

However, here are some cool gaming accessories to choose from:

  • Gaming headset (preferably wireless)
  • RGB Keyboard
  • RGB mouse
  • Built-in charging and USB ports (wireless charging port would be excellent!)
  • Dual monitor (or triple monitor) setup

The Right Posture For Sitting at a Gaming Desk

When gaming, sitting up straight is the best way to put the minimum strain on your body.

Take a look at the following sitting positions, for example:

  • The chair should support the lower part of your back. You may use foam to support your back and prevent it from aches even with long gaming hours.
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor. You must adjust the height of the gaming desk to match your eye level as you sit.
  • Your chair must be reclined to a 100- to 110-degree angle for increased support.
  • Sit up straight and keep your shoulders and hips aligned.
  • Your knee level must form a right angle with the floor for maximum support.

How Do You Set up a Gaming Desk?

And those are some of the best gaming desk setup ideas you can do to level up your experience

As you can see, setting up a gaming desk might sound simple and straightforward.

However, there are a few essential considerations to bear in mind.

If you set up your gaming desk the right way, you’ll have long-term comfort and hours of gaming enthusiasm.

We hope we were able to help you figure out what you need to get your gaming setup started.