Gaming Desk vs. Regular Desk

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If you are building your own gaming setup, you have most likely been looking into getting a new desk.

Now, there are lots of desks out there, and you may have considered getting a regular desk. However, there are also specialized gaming desks. Are gaming desks worth the cost?

Today want to do a gaming desk vs. regular desk side-by-side comparison to see exactly what the differences between the two are.

Regular Desk vs. Gaming Desk

There are a few main differences to take into account. Generally speaking, a gaming desk will be bigger and more spacious, more durable and longer lasting, more adjustable and comfortable, and yes, more expensive than your average office desk. Let’s take a look at some of the main differences.

Desk Size

One of the biggest differences you will find between these two types of desks is that your average office desk is not very large.

An average office desk needs to be big enough for a laptop or monitor, a landline phone, some documents, some writing space, and maybe some space for a mouse or keyboard.

Therefore, a regular desk is usually going to be quite small.

However, a gaming desk is generally larger, simply due to all of the equipment needed for gaming.

Most high-quality gaming setups will feature 2 or even 3 monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, a speaker system, and gaming controllers, and maybe several laptops/towers/consoles; therefore gaming desks need to be a fair bit larger.

Storage Space

Another difference between these two types of desks has to do with storage space.

An average desk might come with a couple of drawers or cabinets, or maybe none at all, usually just enough to store documents or office supplies.

However, a gaming desk generally requires a lot more storage space. You need to be able to fit spare gaming components, controllers, game discs, and potentially whole gaming consoles.

There’s a lot more equipment that goes into gaming, all of which requires storage space when not in use.

Gaming Desk vs. Regular Desk

Adjustability and Comfort Features

One of the biggest differences between a regular desk and gaming desk is adjustability, as well as various comfort features.

A regular desk usually comes in at a set height and has one flat surface which everything rests on.

This is fine for office work, but won’t do for a high-quality gaming setup.

Since gaming often involves very long hours of sitting in the same spot, in the same position, adjustability and comfort are extremely important.

For one, an adjustable height is something that gaming desks often come with, so you can achieve the proper back, leg, and arm positioning.

Moreover, gaming desks often come with raised platforms for the monitors so you can keep your neck straight while gaming.

A keyboard drawer is another useful feature which many gaming desks come with, which assists with proper hand/wrist placement.

Gaming desks are much more versatile than regular desks, and more often than not, come with a plethora of adjustable settings and comfort features for the most comfortable gaming experience possible.


Something else to keep in mind when it comes to the differences between the two is that gaming desks are generally built to be a bit sturdier and more durable than an average desk.

Gaming equipment is heavy and gaming can get pretty intense.

A gaming desk needs to be able to handle more weight and punishment, and is therefore built with higher quality materials.

Of course, you can get a very high-quality regular desk too, but on average, a base model gaming desk is going to be tougher than a base model office desk.

Cable Management 

A regular desk might not come with any cable management systems at all, mainly because you usually only have to worry about a couple of cables/wires.

However, for gaming, you might have dozens of cables to deal with.

Now, some regular desks will come with a cable management system, but not nearly as often as with high-quality gaming desks.


The other main difference between regular and gaming desks is that gaming desks are going to come with higher price tags.

Due to their large size with lots of storage space, high levels of adjustability, lots of comfort features, and a high level of durability, gaming desks are going to cost more, sometimes way more than an average office desk.


The bottom line, simply put, is that gaming desks are more or less bigger and better in every single way, but that said, they do of course also cost more because of this.

However, if you plan on being a serious gamer and spending a lot of time at your desk, getting a real gaming desk is definitely worth the few extra dollars.