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TOPSKY L-Shaped Computer Desk Review

Finding a good computer desk, whether for office work or gaming, can be quite a challenge.

You are most likely looking for a desk that is durable and lightweight, one that looks decent and is easy to assemble, one that comes with plenty of desk space, doesn’t east up space in your room, and doesn’t cost a massive amount of money either.

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How to Set Up Your Gaming Desk

Setting up a gaming desk might sound easy and straightforward, but there are actually some important considerations to think about. Setting up your gaming desk the right way will provide you with long-term comfort and hours of gaming enjoyment. Let’s go over a few valuable tips on setting up your gaming desk. Quick Navigation Tips To […]

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How High Should My Desk Be for Gaming?

So you plan on setting up the perfect gaming station, one with all the bells and whistles. You’ve got a killer tower with tons of processing power, a super high-def monitor, speakers that can blow out your eardrums, and a great video gaming controller. The only other thing you need to get is a good gaming […]

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How Big Should a Gaming Desk Be?

You are planning to set up a great gaming station. You have your computer, a keyboard, monitors, gaming controllers, speakers, and everything in between. However, you do need to fit all of these things on a gaming desk. That said, how big should a gaming desk be? To quickly summarize, it’s all about measuring the dimensions […]

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Gaming Desk vs. Regular Desk

If you are building your own gaming setup, you have most likely been looking into getting a new desk. Now, there are lots of desks out there, and you may have considered getting a regular desk. However, there are also specialized gaming desks. Are gaming desks worth the cost? Today want to do a gaming desk vs. […]

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