Office Chair vs Gaming Chair: Which Is the Better Choice?

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Do you spend the majority of your hours at a desk or heavily engaged in gaming?

If so, you need a chair that provides comfort and back support.

It is common for many not to give too much importance to having a good chair.

However, it could be a vital factor once you are glued to a chair, and you start to feel some discomfort.

In choosing a chair that will fit your needs, you will often have to decide between an office chair vs gaming chair.

Office Chair vs Gaming Chair

On the surface, their names are self-explanatory; you get the chair that corresponds to your activity.

Nonetheless, it would be wise to check out each of their features before you decide on choosing either one.

Of course, if you have the space and budget for both, you can save yourself some trouble and just get both.

Let’s check out a few examples of these chairs before we get into the in-depth comparison.

Types of Office Chairs

Those who spend hours after hours of their days designated to desk duties will find office chairs useful.

Typically, the design matches the theme of an office—straightforward and formal.

Here are some of the common types of office chairs.

1. Mesh Office Chairs

Breathability is the primary benefit of mesh office chairs.

Its backrest is mainly composed of net-like fabric with an ergonomic design.

This type of office chair is a must if you’re someone who tends to sweat a lot.

You can also find this chair very helpful during the warmer seasons or if you have issues with ventilation in your office.

2. Leather Office Chairs

As the name suggests, leather is the featured upholstery.

While it isn’t the most practical chair in high-temperature settings, the style and cushioning are its main benefits.

Compared to other office chairs, the leather is generally more comfortable and elegant-looking.

With those qualities, you can also expect that this type will cost you more than others.

3. Executive Office Chairs

Regarded as the premium leather office chair, you can expect some “bells and whistles” when it comes to the design

This type of office chair is reserved for those who hold an important position in the company.

It is usually bulkier than other office chairs because of the extra paddings on the seat and the backrest.

Ergonomics are also considered in the design, but it is not the highlight of the executive chair.

4. Vinyl Office Chairs

Arguably the most common type of office chair, the vinyl chair is not as breathable, stylish, and comfortable as the first three.

However, this type is cheaper and easier to clean.

If you are looking for an inexpensive and maintenance-free office chair, vinyl is probably your best bet.

5. Ergonomic Chairs

The most functional office chairs are ergonomic chairs.

These accommodate a neutral posture and provide sufficient support in all the right places.

They may cost more than other types, but these are a worthy investment because they will help you prevent many back issues in the long run.

An ergonomic chair supports not only your back but also your neck and shoulders.

Ultimately, it helps promote a better posture that is beneficial if you are regularly on the desk for hours.

Types of Gaming Chairs

More than anything, a gaming chair enhances your gaming experience.

Putting comfort aside, you’ll find that they are also stylish with multiple color variations that appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike.

Below are a few of the most notable types of gaming chairs:

1. PC Gaming Chair

Taking design cues from the prototypical computer chair, the PC gaming chair is basically the remix version of the office chair.

This type is the most common gaming chair out there and is also budget-friendly.

Most gaming chairs are made of different kinds of leather, and this one is no exception.

A popular variant of the PC gaming chair is the racer-type, where almost every component is similar.

However, the racer-type is more comfortable, has better support features, and usually is bulkier than the standard PC gaming chair.

2. Simulator Gaming Chairs

If you’re a fan of Need for Speed, Forza, Ace Combat, and similar games, you might want to get a simulator seat.

These chairs are similar to those we see on the arcade, simulating what it feels like to be in a bike, car, or pilot seat.

Because of the dynamic functions and peripherals you can attach, simulator gaming chairs cost some serious bucks.

Having said that, if you’re looking for some adrenaline rush to your simulator games, you should consider indulging yourself with these seats.

If budget isn’t an issue, you can go all out by getting a simulator cockpit.

It has multiple large screens, G-force-simulating motors, and numerous controls such as a steering wheel, pedals, and gear-shifting mechanism.

3. Rocker Gaming Chair

Made specifically for console gaming, a rocker gaming chair has a vibrating function with a built-in audio system and different connectivity options.

This type is more suited for young gamers who play Mario, Cuphead, Ratchet and Clank, and other similar games.

The most noticeable aspect of the rocker chair is the single-piece L-shaped design with heavy paddings on the backrest and seat.

There are no armrests and base.

Because of its construction and functions, the rocker gaming chair is not for PC gaming.

Still, you can use it for other recreational activities such as watching TV or listening to music.

office chair vs gaming chair

Which Is Better?

We have identified the definition and different kinds of these two types of chairs.

Now, let us compare what they offer to conclude which one is the better choice.

1. Style

Office chairs don’t offer a lot of aesthetic appeal because they are primarily built for functionality.

You could look at it as the same as our office attire—traditional and nondescript.

Color-wise, conventional office chairs are usually using black or darker shades.

However, some of the new models also feature lively and vivid colors.

Gaming chairs, on the other hand, have a dynamic design. They come in various shapes, patterns, and colorways.

If you have a gaming station with a theme, you could easily find a gaming chair that matches its overall feel.

Some office chairs and gaming chairs have a leather surface.

The difference is that gaming chairs are mostly upholstered from synthetic leather.

Synthetic leather might be less elegant than authentic leather, but the former has greater longevity because it is less prone to wrinkles despite regular use.

2. Comfort

This aspect is the most crucial when it comes to choosing a desk chair.

Sure, the overall aesthetic is enticing, but comfort is king when it comes to chairs.

If you picture yourself sitting for long hours every day, getting a comfortable chair is mandatory.

Regardless if you are doing critical work or engaged in hardcore gaming, your performance will be hampered if you’re experiencing back or neck pains.

Most office and gaming chairs have ergonomics in their design.

Components such as recliners and adjustable height are available for both.

Having stated that, gaming chairs are superior when it comes to comfort. It has more cushioning, a fuller recline, and a head pillow.

The racer-type gaming chair also has better ergonomics than standard office chairs, reducing the risks of acquiring lousy posture.

Lumbar support is critical in avoiding back pains.

While some office chairs offer lumbar support, it is almost certain that gaming chairs are equipped with a lumbar pillow/cushion.

You can customize the position of the lumbar support pillow to where you feel it is most beneficial to your back.

Many gaming chairs also feature a massage lumbar pillow.

While some view it as unnecessary, this component could be handy when your lower back needs vibration to relax.

We all know that bad posture leads to numerous body pains, especially on the back.

Your focus could easily affect your work or play because of these inconveniences.

3. Price

Based on what gaming chairs have that office chairs lack, it is fair to assume that the former costs more.

Office chairs usually have a price tag that ranges from $100 up to $150.

In comparison, gaming chairs should cost you around $120 up to $500.

You can even find some high-end models from reputable brands that cost more than $1000.

In the end, the key is finding the right balance of features and price.


Now that we discussed the most crucial factors between office chair vs gaming chair, you might have an idea which one is for you.

Considering these three factors, gaming chairs have a definite edge over office chairs.

They are more stylish, have better comfort and support features, and a reasonable price.

You should only consider office chairs if you are a minimalist, on a strict budget, or live in a warm environment.

With the exemption of a few office chair types, gaming chairs are more durable and have a greater weight capacity.

Overall, gaming chairs surpass office chairs when it comes to style and function.

While office chairs may cost less, the price gap between these two is not staggering enough to be a significant factor in choosing.