PC Gaming Desk Accessories: The Essentials

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When it comes to building your gaming setup, your imagination is the limit.

From the best gaming rig to PC gaming desk accessories, you can do whatever you want to get the ultimate gaming experience.

Because the gaming industry is rapidly growing, you can find plenty of new and innovative gaming gadgets every day.

And since they come in at highly competitive prices, you will be spoilt for choices.

If you haven’t yet upgraded your setup and are looking for gaming desk accessories, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we will look at the top gamer desk accessories to help you set up your gamer desk in the most ideal way possible.

What Accessories Do You Need for PC Gaming?

If you’ve been gaming for a long time now, you probably already have an idea of the accessories you want.

After all, your picks will depend on your preferences and needs.

Here are the most essential gaming accessories to consider:

Gaming Chair

Having the best peripherals and rig won’t matter much if you still play on a regular computer chair.

Gaming is no fun without the comfort and flair that comes with a proper gaming chair.

For the highest level of comfort and support possible, pair your gaming chair with a good-quality gaming desk.

This combination eliminates back and neck pain even when gaming for extended hours.

When choosing a gaming chair, pick one with loads of helpful features, like recline, rotation, and height adjustment according to the gaming desk.

Some even have built-in speakers and charging ports, but your choice depends on your budget.

Such chairs can often be noisy, too, so make sure it doesn't squeak because things can get aggressive at times.

Also, headrests are highly preferable in such chairs for better neck support.

Wireless Cell Phone Charging

The times when charging cables tied down your phone are about to end, so it's better to gear up for a wireless charging station.

Wireless chargers make it so convenient for the user.

With one, you won't “accidentally” pull out your charging cable while trying to receive an urgent call.

On top of that, wireless charging is cool, so it gives a techy effect on your gaming desk.

Especially if you're going wireless for all the other modules, you must upgrade to a wireless phone charging station.

With wireless charging, though, phone compatibility is often a problem.

Your phone must also support the mechanism, and if it does so, you're all set to install the charger anywhere at your gaming desk.

Charging stations can mount under the table, but be wary of the wood's thickness.

It directly affects the flow of charge to your phone, which inevitably determines the charging speed.

If everything goes to plan, there is no reason why you shouldn't have a wireless charger in your gamer desk accessories.

High-Quality Speakers

Sound is the essence of a gaming platform. If that's distorted, then you're not doing it right.

Still, some might argue that headphones are better.

If it's about flaunting a gaming desk, nothing screams louder than a powerful speaker system.

You can customize and add woofers and multiple audio devices according to your preferred brand's specifications.

While some gaming chairs come with built-in speakers, they are of no comparison to a speaker system.

Go for deep bass, at least 200- to 400-watt, wireless Bluetooth speakers because it's virtually incomparable to any alternate audio source.

pc gaming desk accessories

How Can I Make My Gaming Setup Look Better?

When it comes to flaunting looks, there are some cheap and easy ways to give your desk the real feel of a gaming arena.

Here are some PC gaming desk accessories to start with:

RGB Lighting

There is no alternative to RGB lighting if you want to flaunt your gaming desk to the world.

It just sets the mood altogether as you adjust the color around the desk according to the game you’re playing.

The RGB lighting is an essential accessory in any cheap or expensive gaming setup.

Why? Well, let's face it; it's no fun playing in regular light.

When you set up RGB lighting, it gives you the feel of a personalized space where you rule.

It pretty much separates your gaming desk from other parts of your house.

What's more impressive is how easy it is to set RGB lighting.

All you need is a set of good-quality RGB LED strips and the remote control, which allows you to set the light’s color and brightness.

RGB strips also come with flashing features, but that cannot be very pleasant when you're in extended gameplay.

Large Curved Monitor

If you're an experienced gamer and are willing to spend generously, you must invest in a curved monitor display.

Better yet, get a multi-monitor setup.

After all, nothing compares to a life-size view of your virtual scenery.

With such a setup, your gaming experience immediately levels up because the display is quite immersive and realistic.

If set up correctly, the display will create a peripheral vision effect, ensuring an intriguing gaming session every time.

Since you won't be looking at a flat screen, your perception of the game will be very different. All in all, it's definitely worth the money.

Additionally, look for a suitable raised monitor platform.

You can adjust the monitor to the right height to perfectly align with your eyes, giving your neck much-needed comfort.

Monitor Desk Mount

Desk mounts add more style and a techy effect to your gaming desk, and they are convenient when it comes to portability.

Unlike wall mounts, desk mounts will give you better movability. You can remove them easily when you don't need them.

Indeed, they are quite a natural choice for your LCD screens.

Especially if you don't have the luxury of a wall near your desk, wall mounts are necessary desk accessories for gamers.

This is because they help you to maintain a tidier gaming area.

You can adjust height, rotation, and swivel the screen to avoid glares and align with your eyes for a comfortable viewing experience.

What Does Every Gaming Computer Need?

Let's talk about the core element, which is your gaming PC.

Everything will fall dull if your gaming peripherals aren't up to the mark, so they need more percentage of your investment.

RGB Keyboard

First up, let's talk about the RGB keyboard.

If you don't have a funky and colorful keyboard in PC gaming, there is no thrill element.

RGB keyboards are super-cool because they bring life to a gaming desk.

They emulate a color that suits your mood or goes with the theme of your game.

In many ways, they set the mood for a high-quality gaming experience.

Moreover, RGB keyboards feature functional keys and shortcuts with an optional display, too.

They are way more advanced and techy than conventional PC keyboards, so they appeal to the gamer community.

In terms of user experience, they have mechanical and tactile feedback, which is crucial because we generally press the keys harder during the game.

When we talk about connectivity, it's solely the user's call.

There is a noticeable difference in prices as Bluetooth RGB keyboards generally cost more than wired keyboards.

RGB keyboards are one of the essential desk accessories for gamers, so it's a great place to start when you have the luxury of spending at least a hundred bucks on one.

Gaming Gloves For Hand Machine Interface

Gaming gloves can be the coolest addition to your gaming desk.

They literally bring the gaming power to your fingertips.

These gloves can create an immersive gaming experience as you mime your way through the game while using them in conjunction with VR headsets.

If you’re gaming powerful enough, these gloves can make your games come to life.

They connect via Bluetooth and generally work with smart devices. They are compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows PCs.

Moreover, the fingertips are capacitive touch-enabled, so you can use your phone and tablets while wearing them.

These gloves will bring versatility to your gaming desk, and they are generally soft and comfortable to wear, too.

PC Casing

It may seem weird, but your gaming PC case pretty much says everything about your attitude towards gaming, so it must be on point.

Although looks matter in a gaming PC case, that doesn't mean you should compromise on the safety and durability of the internal PC parts.

Thankfully, modern gaming PC cases create the right balance between appearance and performance.

When buying a gaming PC, go for a steel or metal casing and avoid plastic material because you'd want to buy one that will last for the long run.

Go for spacious tower casings because they have improved ventilation, keeping the system cool, particularly during heavy graphics games.

Otherwise, you might need several upgrades and rebuilds, which can also affect the internal computer parts.

PC Gaming Desk Accessories

There is virtually no end to what you can do for a high-quality gaming experience with gaming desks.

Even if you have found your answers, there is no harm in exploring more computer desk options before choosing your preferred gaming desk accessories.

Still, the list we provided is comprehensive enough to turn your gaming desk arena into a new world that has thrill and adventure written all over it.