Staples Gaming Chair Review

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Quick Overview





  • More comfortable than office chairs
  • Very easy to assemble
  • An ideal lower back support
  • High-quality soft leather


  • Not ideal for 200+ pounds
  • Easily scratched metal parts

Staples Gaming Chair Review

This gaming chair is an affordable option that looks great in any home or professional office.

Its low-profile design sets it apart from other gaming chairs because it doesn't have any bold branding or vibrant colors.

Also, it has relatively straightforward adjustable features that make it a fantastic middle-ground option.

You'll find it has the framework you'd expect from professional gaming chairs, minus a few features.

Coincidentally, many other models from Staples have been modeled after this design, which speaks to its quality.

With faux leather, it has a striking appeal that's soft and comfortable against your skin.

It also has a stunning contrast between the black and gray panels with light gray stitching.

Gamers will love how it will add to their setup without being the focal point of the room.

It looks fantastic when paired with RGB peripherals and sleek setups with clean lines.

The adjustable features make it a phenomenal option to accommodate your hours-long gaming sessions.

It also has an adequate amount of support for up to 275 pounds while meeting ANSI and BIFMA standards.

The Staples Gaming Chair is the perfect answer to the fundamentals you'd expect from a top-tier chair.

Who Is This Gaming Chair Meant For?

If you're on the fence about investing in a gaming chair or not, this is a great option.

Instead of mimicking the typical bold design of most gaming chairs, this design is more subtle.

It's a cross between an office chair and a gaming chair, so you have the style of standard furniture with ergonomic benefits.

This feature is why it's one of the more popular options for professional environments.

However, the Staples Gaming Chair would also look phenomenal in your home office or a more casual setting.

Since it's not as vibrant as other models, you'll find it'll fit in with the rest of your decor.

It's also one of the more modern-looking chairs on the market, which will add elegance to your space.

The ergonomic features of this chair are what make it one of the most impressive options.

You'll have plenty of arm, back, and neck support without uncomfortable, bulky cushions.

Even in the headrest, the padding is built into the chair, so the frame has exceptional support.

You'll love the bonded leather, which is a higher quality material than mesh or fabric.

It's a considerable upgrade from office chairs with material that stains easily and is hard to maintain.

One of the most frustrating parts of buying new office furniture is that it's hard to put together.

This chair comes with user-friendly instructions that are explicitly designed to be easy to follow.

Within several minutes, you'll have the chair put together and ready to be used.

What's Included?

This model is relatively straightforward, so there aren't any extra accessories or pieces included.

Everything that you need, such as screws for assembly, is packaged along with the chair.

The intuitively designed instructions will cut a significant chunk out of assembly time for added convenience.

Our only recommendation is to try sitting in the chair and determining if you have enough support.

For some users, you might find maintaining a good posture is challenging without lumbar cushions.

If you feel like your back needs more support, it's a good idea to purchase removable back and neck supports.

These cushions can be quickly attached to your chair through the headrest and at the base of the backrest.

You can then adjust the cushions' positioning to ensure you have adequate support in the most critical areas.

It can also be beneficial to invest in a bonded leather cleaner to keep the chair pristine.

Fortunately, the material is easy to wipe clean if you experience any spills.

However, you'll still want to make sure you use a cleaner at least once a month to maintain the material.

Using harsh astringents can ruin the material, so it will need to be a leather-safe cleaner.

Overview of Features

Definitely, the chair has a lot to offer, including:

  • Flip Armrests

Technically, the armrests in this chair could be classified as 2D armrests.

You can raise and lower them as needed, and the unique tensioning system helps keep them in position.

Unfortunately, you can't lock them into place, but they won't shift independently.

  • Bonded Leather Construction

The professional aura of bonded leather is sure to upgrade the feeling of your office.

If you want a gaming chair that looks like a standard office chair, this design is perfect.

Not only is the material resistant to water and stain, but it will also last an extended period.

  • Wide Seat

Most gaming chairs have narrow seats, which can be uncomfortable to sit in.

With this model, you'll have a 22" wide seat, which is more than enough width to sit in your preferred style.

Also, the sides are barely raised, which allows your body to move while seated.

  • Integrated Headrest

One of the areas where this chair differs from others is its headrest.

It is streamlined rather than being bulky and uncomfortable, which makes it ideal for all-day use.

You'll find an adequate amount of padding for your comfort, but it won't obstruct your gaming abilities.

  • Lumbar Support

When seated, you can feel the superior lumbar support that the chair's frame offers.

You can opt to use lumbar cushions for added support near the base of your spine, but it might not be necessary.

The exceptional padding helps keep the natural curvature of your spine.

  • Tilt Support

Users will easily rock in their new gaming chair or tilt it to find the perfect adjustment.

When you reached your desired angle, you engage the locking lever to keep the chair in place.

There's also a tension support system to make the chair more challenging to rock inadvertently.

These features are the most customizable components of the chair and can significantly improve its overall comfort.

  • 360-Degree Swivel

If you've been looking for a gaming chair that comes with plenty of maneuverability, this is it.

The Staples Gaming Chair features a 360-degree swivel so that you won't feel restrained by the chair.

You can effortlessly change your positioning for optimal comfort and easily access all areas of your gaming desk.

  • Height Adjustments

Another customizable feature of this chair is its height, perfect for adapting to your existing furniture.

You can quickly adjust the chair to accommodate desks up to 22" off the ground.

It's also useful for desks as low as 17.8".

  • Adequate Weight Capacity

Although this chair isn't the most heavy-duty one on the market, it handles a sufficient weight.

The steel frame supports up to 250 pounds and has high-quality smooth-rolling wheels for added support.

How to Get the Most Out of It

Finding the perfect adjustments for your gaming chair can help you get the most out of it.

You can adjust the tilt, height, and tilt tension with one knob and an easy-access lever.

As the armrests are only 2D, it's effortless to raise or lower them as needed.

To ensure your chair lasts as long as possible, you'll want to clean it regularly.

Also, ensure that any spills are wiped up quickly to prevent them from penetrating the stitching.

Overall, there's plenty of supportive padding in the chair, but additional support can be beneficial.

You could consider adding lumbar support cushions as well as a footrest for maximum comfort.


One of the best alternatives to the Staples Gaming Chair is the Atelerix Ventrix Gaming Chair.

If you like the fluidity of the Staples model, you'll love the classiness this model has to offer.

You'll find it has a more stereotypical gaming chair design, but it looks incredibly professional and sleek.

Atelerix Ventrix Gaming Chair

A few of the most impressive features of the Atelerix Ventrix include:

  • Fabric Material

Some gamers aren't fans of leather on their chairs since it's not as breathable as fabric.

As an alternative, this chair is designed with breathable mesh and a toluene foam interior.

These materials work together to keep you cool, regardless of how intense your games get.

  • 4D Armrests

Having plenty of adjustability in your armrests is ideal, primarily since everyone's preferences differ.

In the Ventrix, you can move the armrests upward and downward, front and back, and inward and outward.

On average, there are over 189 different positions you can put the armrests in.

  • Improved Support

This gaming chair comes with everything you need to maintain perfect posture while gaming.

You'll have an adjustable headrest and a lumbar support cushion in addition to the ergonomic padding.

This chair is also designed to hold up to 300 pounds, which is a higher weight class.


Our Staples Gaming Chair review found that this model is the perfect entry-level option for professionals.

It has a spectacular design with modern elements that will bring your whole office together.

You'll also appreciate its fundamental adjustments to create a more customized gaming experience.