Vartan Gaming Chair Review

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Quick Overview





  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable
  • Multiple armrest positions
  • Rubber wheels to protect floors


  • Padding zipper could break
  • Chair creaks over time

This Vartan Gaming Chair review will be useful for someone searching for an entry-level gaming chair.

You'll find plenty of fundamental features in this chair, making it a significant upgrade from your current computer chair.

Everything that you would expect from an affordable chair is included, such as adjustable cushions.

Vartan Gaming Chair Review

The Vartan Gaming Chair is a good starter-option when looking for the best gaming chairs.

It has all of the essential functions you'll need for everyday computing as well as hours-long gaming sessions.

The comfortable design is ideal for anyone looking to step foot into the world of ergonomic office furniture.

You'll find removable support cushions to assist with back pain and general discomfort.

There are also a couple of adjustable features that allow you to achieve a more customized fit.

Fine-tuning a chair has never been simpler since the user-friendly levers are impressively designed.

It's the ideal option for putting yourself in a better position for enhanced gameplay for tournaments and casual parties.

Also, it's a functional piece of furniture that would look spectacular in a professional office.

The streamlined design of the chair fits in perfectly with any office design compared to other gaming chairs.

Who Is This Gaming Chair Meant For?

There are plenty of people who can significantly benefit from adding this chair to their collection.

It's specifically designed to offer optimal ergonomics with its adjustable components.

If you've been searching for office furniture that you can tailor to your specific needs, this option is ideal.

You'll have superior lumbar support along with the elongated backrest with the added help of lumbar cushions.

The intuitively designed headrest is optimal for adjusting the alignment of your head and neck.

Also, the comfortable armrests help make computing and gaming significantly simpler.

The advanced features built into the chair are optimal for an entry-level option.

Although it lacks some of the luxurious features other gaming chairs offer, it has the essential fundamentals.

Also, the chair exceeds BIFMA/ANSI standards for quality assurance and safety.

One of the most notable features that make this chair an upgrade is its reclining backrest.

It's the perfect option for gamers who prefer to have a custom position for reaching their keyboard and mouse.

Also, you'll find you can effortlessly manage the chair's height based on your monitor placement.

Overall, it's a convenient solution to the issues you would typically experience with a regular office chair.

Its affordability also makes it an attractive option for offices because your employees will appreciate the added comfort.

As they say, the more comfortable employees are while at the office, the more productive they'll be.

What's Included?

As mentioned, the Vartan comes with basic features compared to other gaming chairs.

It can be beneficial to consider purchasing a separate footrest for extending your legs throughout the day.

Footrests can also be beneficial for encouraging proper posture while computing to reduce back pain.

Along with the chair, you'll also receive a lumbar pillow and a head pillow.

Both of these components are adjustable so that you can find the perfect placement for your height and body type.

Alternatively, you can opt to remove the cushions and sit flat against the backrest without extra support.

It can be beneficial to invest in a leather cleaner to protect your chair's integrity over the years.

This model is constructed using bonded leather, so you'll need a quality cleaner.

Otherwise, you could dry out the leather and cause it to crack and tear with regular use.

Overview of Features

The things this chair has to offer include:

  • Tilt Tension and Locking

If you're a fan of rocking in your gaming chair, this is one of the better models to consider.

It features tilt-tensioning, so you can adjust how much effort you'll need to tilt the chair manually.

Also, the locking mechanism is ideal once you've found the perfect position for computing.

After adjusting the backrest, you quickly engage the tilt lock, and it will hold the chair in place.

If you want to change the tilt, disengage the lever and recline again.

  • 135-Degree Recline

The maximum recline this chair can achieve is 135 degrees, which is more than enough for common uses.

If you're looking for a fully reclining chair, you'll need to find a model that reaches 180 degrees.

However, you'll be able to comfortably lie back and relax with the level of incline this model offers.

  • Adjustable Height

Adjusting the height of your chair is essential for achieving perfect posture.

The Vartan Gaming Chair has height adjustments between 18.3" and 22.1".

You'll find it's an excellent option for users of any height.

  • Bonded Leather

One of the most luxurious features of this chair is that it's constructed using bonded leather.

Instead of faux leather, this material will only get more comfortable over time.

Although it requires a little more maintenance, it's well worth the investment.

  • Wide Seat

Having a wider seat gives you additional space to allow your body to relax.

It can also be beneficial for positioning the base of your spine to allow for proper alignment.

This chair features a 20.8" wide and 17.8" deep seat, which is perfect for comfort.

The added depth is also beneficial for promoting proper leg positioning under your desk.

  • Adjustable Arms

The integrated armrest adjustments allow you to find the perfect tilt of the armrest for your comfort.

You'll find a unique tensioning system that helps keep the arms elevated if needed.

  • Lumbar and Head Pillows

The removable lumbar and head pillows are useful for adding extra support.

If you find your computer chair doesn't help maintain your spine's "S" curvature, these pillows help.

You can quickly adjust them both along the included straps to find the perfect positioning.

It's important to note that since they are supportive cushions, they will feel still at first.

After daily use, you'll begin to notice the pillows will become softer.

  • 360-Degree Swivel

Having full access to your entire gaming desk is essential, especially if you have a large setup.

The 360-degree swivel in this chair helps ensure you can quickly maneuver without having to get up.

It also makes it simpler to host meetings with multiple people in the room.

  • Rubber Wheels

The highly intuitive rubber wheels are ideal for people who have hardwood in their offices.

You'll also find that rolling across the carpet is easy since the wheels glide along the surface.

If you're concerned about your floors' integrity, you can also consider purchasing a plastic mat.

How to Use It

The most important part of using a gaming chair is to get the adjustments correct.

After assembling the furniture, you first want to consider the chair's height.

Ideally, the seat should be high enough to where your legs are at a 90-degree angle.

You'll also want to make sure the armrests are inline with your desktop.

The second adjustment to focus on is the backrest tilt, which is necessary for spinal alignment.

When working at your computer, you should be at a 110-degree angle for optimal comfort.

The final step of setting up your chair is to make sure the added support cushions are perfectly placed.

The bottom lumbar support should rest in the small of your back to maintain its curvature.

The neck pillow needs to rest in between your shoulders and the base of your head for added support.


The Flash Furniture X20 Gaming Chair is a fantastic alternative to the Vartan Gaming Chair, a less expensive option.

Flash Furniture X20 Gaming Chair

This chair has many of the same features as the Vartan, including:

  • LeatherSoft Material

Although this chair isn't made from bonded leather, it has LeatherSoft.

This material is synthetic but offers the same level of comfort as broken-in leather.

You might also find it's easier to keep clean with regular cleaners.

  • Multipositional Arms

Instead of only being able to raise and lower your armrests, this chair has multiple adjustments.

You can also choose to move the armrests backward or forward for any activity.

  • Recline Adjustment

One area where this chair outperforms is in regards to its reclining.

The X20 allows you to recline up to 145 degrees, which is ideal for lying back and relaxing.

  • Pneumatic Levers

When you're making the adjustments to your new gaming chair, you want the movements to be effortless.

With the pneumatic levers in this model, you can quickly raise or lower the chair with little effort.

Also, when seated, you can adjust the height in one fluid motion.

  • Snap-Removable Cushions

There are neck and lumbar cushions included with this chair that is quickly adjusted for maximum comfort.

Another option is to remove the cushions if you prefer to have less support.

Fortunately, they are connected to their straps with snaps so that they can be taken off in seconds.


The first thing you'll notice in any Vartan Gaming Chair review is the attention to detail it offers.

From a sleek style to efficient adjustments, it's one of the better entry-level options available.

Also, it has plenty of padding specifically designed for optimal support and comfort.