What Gaming Chair Does Tfue Use?

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Arguably the most crucial piece of furniture for a streamer is his gaming chair.

Curious to know what gaming chair does Tfue uses?

Tfue is one of the most prolific Twitch streamers and esports players out there.

With his massive following on video hosting platforms, such as Twitch (over 10 million) and YouTube (over 12 million), it’s fair to say that he is good at what he does.

He gained notoriety for his skills in the popular battle royale game Fortnite.

If you’re one of his millions of followers, you are most likely familiar with the equipment he uses while streaming.

Who Is Tfue?

Before we answer what gaming chair does Tfue uses, some may be wondering who the guy even is.

Below, we will walk you through exactly just how he became a household name when it comes to online games.

Tfue, or Turner Tenney in real life, is from Indian Rocks Beach (IRB), Florida.

The username Tfue came from “tee-foo,” a random sound he thought about when he created his Xbox account back in 2013.

Gaming Emergence

Tfue was 12 years old when he started playing the popular Xbox FPS game Halo.

He is a prodigy, as he gained fame by obtaining various records on numerous games.

He later got into online games, particularly Destiny and Call of Duty.

As he became older, Tfue started his streaming channel on Twitch and uploaded his VODs on YouTube.

Rise into Prominence

Later on, Tfue became one of the known streamers on Twitch.

He steadily gained followers by playing other games, such as PUBG and H1Z1, which are both battle royale shooters.

When he began playing Fortnite, it was his claim to fame.

His fanbase blew up, and consequently, he is finally recognized as a pro gamer and one of the faces of Twitch.

He later joined a famous esports team called FaZe Clan as a pro-Fortnite player.

After facing an issue with his contract, though, he parted ways with them.

Among TFue’s most known accomplishments on Fortnite is his record in solo vs solo of 29 kills.


Tfue bagged more than $600,000 when he was competing in tournaments.

While his earnings in such tournaments are substantial, it is not comparable to the earnings he gained from streaming and YouTube views.

A conservative estimate of Tfue’s monthly income is north of $100,000, without counting sponsorships and tips.

He at least earns over $1 million a year just from his streaming and uploads.

What Gaming Chair Does Tfue Uses?

As of this time, Tfue is using Maxnomic Commander S for his streams.

Maxnomic Commander S III

As the gaming chair of choice by a successful streamer, is the Maxnomic Commander S III worth it?

Let’s look at some key features of this chair and other related topics.

  • Premium Materials

No expense is spared when it comes to the quality of materials used.

The seat cover is made from high-quality PU leather with multi-layers, which translates to enhanced durability, less flaking and peeling, and premium aesthetic.

For its reinforced five-star base, the chair uses a Class 4 lift cylinder that connects the seat to it.

This choice of materials allows you to do various movements without worrying if the chair can sustain such maneuvers.

The casters will also have no issues navigating a number of surfaces due to their soft PU coating.

Regardless if you have carpeted or hardwood flooring, the Maxnomic Commander S III is sure to deliver the maneuverability and stability that other chairs couldn’t.

You can also rest easy knowing that the wheels have better weight distribution than others, all while making less noise.

  • Supreme Comfort

Most gaming chairs promise superb ergonomics.

With the Maxnomic Commander S III, you can expect a high-quality ergonomic design that encourages proper posture.

The ergonomic build of this chair levels up the comfort level you get.

If you need a testament to this feature, remember that Tfue is a pro-gamer who regularly logs long hours of gameplay.

As you may have noticed from his videos, he does this without showing any type of physical discomfort.

One of the notable components is the high backrest, ensuring you maintain a natural posture so that you can have reduced back and neck pains.

In addition, the Maxnomic Commander S III’s lumbar pillow guarantees that your lower back does not lack support.

As we all know, a bad back affects your focus and ability to play longer.

With this chair, you are most likely to experience high-quality gaming without getting distracted by an aching back or neck.

The Maxnomic Commander S III is equipped with cold-cured foam paddings.

This material reverts to its original shape and structure after use, regardless of how long you are sitting there.

  • Adjustable Components

We have different preferences regarding our most comfortable position, especially when gaming.

In the case of the Maxnomic Commander S III, you can adjust the 4D armrests and reclinable backrest to your liking.

Whether you are engaged in intense gameplay or jonesing for a quick rest every now and then, the reclinable backrest is beneficial.

It even has a lockable tilt mechanism that promises you the most secure and relaxing angle.

  • Brand Recognition

Although it is not an essential feature, the fact that it is a recognizable brand is proof of its dedication to being a part of the esports community.

Maxnomic is recognized as the official partner of various e-sports figures.

These include big names such as ESL, ELEAGUE, DREAMHACK, LCS, Team Liquid, WSC, XBOX, and many others.

If you’re looking for a gaming chair with some clout, the Maxnomic Commander S III has got some serious doses.

  • Price

After we identified the main features of the chair, the next question for most is this: How much is it?

By now, we assume that it has a hefty price tag, considering the above qualities of the Maxnomic Commander S III.

Objectively, it is expensive, as the regular price is more or less $500. You can easily buy three to four good-quality gaming chairs with that amount.

Still, keeping in mind its features and other positives, we think the price is relatively reasonable.

Tfue is a successful gamer by all accounts.

He could get those other chairs that cost more than $1000 without much thought.

The fact that the Maxnomic Commander S III is his go-to chair for streaming and competing should at least get some credence in justifying the price.

Other Popular Streamers Who Use Maxnomic Gaming Chairs

Tfue is not the only popular streamer who uses Maxnomic gaming chairs. Here is a couple of them.


Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja, is the most popular Fortnite player in the world.

Tfue and Ninja are no stranger to each other, as fans continue to argue which one is the better Fortnite player.

Known for his vivid hair color and headband, Ninja garners the most followers on Twitch. You can easily guess who is the second most.

Ninja moved to Mixer in 2019, a competitor of Twitch.

It is reported that Ninja signed a whopping $50 million to be the face of the website.

After he and other streamers failed to attract a significant user base, Mixer closed its operation after a year. Ninja later returned to Twitch.

Dr DisRespect

Guy Beahm, known by most as Dr DisRespect, is one of the most prolific streamers.

Despite not being as skilled as other pro players, he makes up for it with his dynamic online persona.

Among his unique quirks is placing himself in different locations, vehicles, and scenarios via green screens.

This makes his stream, plus his satirically arrogant demeanor, much more enjoyable to watch than others.

Interestingly, he won the award “Streamer of the Year” in 2017, edging out some fierce competition. Dr DisRespect won it again in 2019.

Twitch banned him in 2020, despite signing an exclusivity deal a few months ago. Details are unclear as to why.

“The Doc” turned into YouTube to stream after his permanent ban on Twitch.

Since then, he has become one of the faces of YouTube Gaming.


Kelsie Pelling, going by the name KayPea online, is a popular League of Legends streamer.

She started full-time streaming in 2013 and never looked back. She is best known for her mid-lane mastery in LoL.

Her accuracy and focus make her a deadly force in using Ahri, Lux, and other mage champions.

While KayPea’s following is not as impressive as the streamers we discussed, her success is not dictated solely by her streaming career.

She completed her college studies before she became famous on Twitch.

In the event she decides to move away from streaming, it is most likely that KayPea will still be successful regardless.

As of this time, she is sponsored by Red Bull.

Other than League of Legends, she is also skilled in FPS games, such as Counter-Strike and Call of Duty.


The Maxnomic Commander S III is not the most practical gaming chair out there.

Still, if you’re not too worried about the price tag, we believe that it is a worthy addition to your gaming station.

There’s no doubt you will enjoy its versatile style, dynamic features, and established brand.

Gaming is not a cheap hobby, and you are sure to dedicate lots of time to it.

If you look at it that way, you might think that Tfue’s Maxnomic Commander S III deserves your consideration.