What To Look for in a Gaming Chair: A Guide for Newbie Gamers

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As a fan of esports or streaming, you have likely considered what to look for in a gaming chair before.

Gaming chairs are undoubtedly the most famous piece of office furniture for professional gaming setups.

Knowing the best features to look for in such a unique gaming staple can help you push to the top of the leaderboards.

Are Gaming Chairs Bad for Your Back?

Ergonomics are easily the most vital part of any office furniture, as it assists with your general comfort and health.

Not only will you need built-in support but also additional customizable items for position reinforcement.

With these combined features, you can see why these chairs are specifically designed to prevent back pain.

Lumbar Support

When in your gaming chair setup, you will need to ensure you have adequate support.

Otherwise, you could experience back fatigue, shoulder pain, headaches, and even eye strain.

With adequate support along your spine, sitting at a 90-degree angle has never been more comfortable.

Most top-tier gaming chairs will have strategically placed cushioning designed with anatomical benefits in mind.

For example, you might find padding in specific areas of your back considered to be high-risk.

With this method, your chair can encourage you to sit correctly to prevent long-term damage.

Arm and Elbow Support

Your arms are equally as important as your back when it comes to maintaining proper posture.

It is far too often that gamers hold their arms too high or too low, leading to arm and wrist strain.

With adjustable armrests, you are able to find the perfect spot to keep your elbows at an angle.

It is also important to consider adequate padding on your armrests for extra comfort.

The less you have to worry about arm fatigue, the more you can concentrate on your game.

Leg and Thigh Support

When you look at good posture for computing, legs and thighs are almost always noted.

Ideally, your knees should be kept at a 90-degree angle when you are at your desk to maintain your spine’s curvature.

You will want to ensure your chair’s seat can be raised or lowered to adjust your leg’s positioning.

How Do You Know if a Gaming Chair Is Good?

Aside from support, there are other considerations to keep in mind when looking for a gaming chair.

Let’s delve into the key elements that make gaming chairs good before getting into the finer details.

After all, several pieces work together to provide a healthy and safe gaming experience for all users.

1. Type

Gaming chairs are available in a few types outside of the standard tall backrest and bulky cushioning options.

From pedestal chairs to console chairs, there are some unique options to choose from.

PC Gaming Chairs

PC gaming chairs are the most iconic forms of office furniture you’re bound to see, as they are used by esports pros worldwide.

All models in this spectrum have a similar structure, including a high backrest, extended armrests, and wide seat cushions.

These are also comprised of fundamental features, such as adjustable components, strategically placed cushioning, and more.

Console Gaming Chairs

Console gaming chairs are often preferred by console gamers because they are more low-profile than PC chairs.

These are often designed to sit directly on the floor, putting you in the optimal position for TVs.

Also, they look better when displayed in a living room or bedroom compared to standard office chairs.

Console gaming chairs are the best option for low-mounted TVs and entertainment units to promote healthy posture.

They are also one of the most comfortable options for a more relaxed playing style, especially for RPGs.

You will find most of these models can also have luxurious upgrades, such as built-in speakers and subwoofers.

Pedestal Gaming Chairs

Pedestal gaming chairs are the perfect mix of a PC chair and a console chair.

They are lower to the ground than PC versions but taller than console chairs, making them ideal for TV setups.

You will find that most pedestal chairs are too low to sit comfortably at a standard desk height.

However, they are comprised of several conveniences that standard console chairs don’t have.

For example, you’d be able to use a 360-degree swivel, adjustable armrests, and other conveniences.

We highly recommend these chairs for racing games, as you’d be perfectly positioned for your steering wheel and pedal peripherals.

what to look for in a gaming chair tips

2. Materials

Another important primary component of your gaming chair is the material it’s made from.

Most popular models are crafted from genuine or PU leather, while others feature mesh and fabric.

Real Leather

If you’re looking for the most executive-friendly option, real leather tends to lead the pack in quality.

It is typically made from cowhide and will feel comfortable against the skin as long as your room is cool.

The largest downfall of leather is that it has low breathability, which can encourage sweating.

PU Leather

Leather gaming chairs typically carry a higher price tag, which is where PU leather comes in.

As a faux leather alternative, you can save a couple of dollars on the total cost of your chair.

However, it is not as long-lasting as genuine leather and will show signs of wear over time.

The most notable benefit of PU leather is its thickness, as it is a manufactured material.

It’s one of the most supportive materials that break in over time but maintains the chair’s structure.

It is important to note that, like genuine leather, PU leather also lacks adequate breathability.


It is well known that fabric is often used with standard office chairs, making it an option for gaming chairs.

This material is exceptionally comfortable and skin-friendly, especially in warm offices, because it doesn’t retain as much heat.

The fabric’s stretchiness will mold to the contours of your body, creating a more custom shape over time.

Your largest issue with this material is that it can be very challenging to maintain.

Spills and sweat can easily stain fabric, and most chairs don’t come with a removable cover for washing.

There’s also the possibility of seeing rips and tears far faster than with leather.


The next fabric we highly recommend considering is mesh, which is the most breathable option.

Even if you don’t find a full mesh computer chair, models with mesh paneling down the center are fantastic.

You will have optimal airflow that prevents sweat and bacterial buildup with extended gaming sessions.

Full mesh chairs can be quite comfortable, as the material is the most flexible and accommodating.

However, it also has poor longevity, especially if the mesh isn’t reinforced or thick enough.

What Makes a Great Gaming Chair?

Now that you have a clear idea of the most important office furniture components, it’s time to get into the finer details.

Features such as footrests, massaging cushions, and 4D armrests might not appear necessary initially, but they are transformative.

With these vital parts in mind, you can find the most well-rounded chair for any game.

Built-in Audio Tech

Have you ever considered a gaming chair with built-in speakers for a more immersive experience?

There are several types of gaming chairs equipped with speakers in the headrest or sides of the chair.

When paired with your PC or console, audio is transmitted through the chair instead of your TV or soundbar.

You will also have the ability to use a built-in headphone jack to connect your headset to the chair instead of your console.

As long as you find a model with high-quality speakers and subwoofers, it will feel like you’ve been transported into the game.

Also, you’d want to make sure the hookups are compatible with your specific console for a wireless setup.

For example, Bluetooth technology is quite popular in gaming chairs with built-in audio technology.

Retractable Footrests

It’s hard to see the benefits of a built-in footrest in your gaming chair until you’ve been able to use one.

If you are someone who likes to recline and relax, retractable footrests with your gaming chair setup are ideal.

When not in use, you simply kick the addition under your chair’s seat for everyday computing.

Otherwise, you can keep your legs elevated and take a quick break in between rounds.

We also love the idea of footrests because they boost the versatility of your gaming chair.

With this, doing homework, reading, and watching movies have never been more comfortable.

Adjustable Features

The sole premise of gaming chairs is that they can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

You’d be able to adjust the tilt of the backrest to your ideal position, as well as the height of your seat for your desk.

You can also move your armrests so that your elbows are kept at the perfect angle for all-day gaming.

Some of the higher-end models have adjustable headrests, too, making them ideal for big and tall users.

Always remember, the more adjustments you can make, the more the chair will feel like it’s made for you.


Although it’s not necessary for every type of gamer, being able to customize your chair is epic.

Some companies give you the ability to choose from specific materials and colors based on your setup’s aesthetic.

You can even consider getting your gamer tag/username embroidered on the headrest for a more personal flair.

If you are someone who puts value in a streamlined setup, nice-looking customized furniture is sure to make an impression.

What To Look for in a Gaming Chair

There are several essential items to consider when figuring out what to look for in a gaming chair.

You’d want to make sure you find a model that is comfortable, customizable, and fits in with the rest of your gear.

With ergonomics in mind, spending hours at your PC or console is simpler than you imagined.